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Subcutaneous Abdominal BPC 157 Injection too Close to Naval

I messed up and for some reason injected way too close to my belly button and went through rough. There was no blood or hematoma but it still hurts after 3 days. What could I have hit, nerves? Sharp pain seems to be the only side effect but its quite uncomfortable still, all the previous injections I did never hurt and went in smoothly. I’ve tried reading through a lot of internet articles about injecting too close to the naval but came across practically nothing.

Think about the purpose and function of the belly button (in utero) and the amount of nerve endings it contains and it only makes sense why you’re feeling pain.

That should heal in few weeks you think? Definitely doing 3 finger spaces when I start up again

Yeah, you’ll be fine…just make sure not to go too deep either especially if you’re lean.