Subcontinent Asian Diets - Questions

Hey Guys/Gals,

Asalom-o-alaekum, Namaste, Sasriakal :wink:

I have with the help of a good friend arranged a few interviews with some top bodybuilders from Pakistan and India. I have a lot of questions, but if you guys have anything you would like me to ask them please let me know.

Some examples of questions are:
“cleaning the curry”; how to make it more healthy.
Training around ramadan, or
training as a vegetarian.

I’ll also be discussing non nutrition questions such as;
why are we so far behind the west especially since wrestling and kabadi like sports (where being big is an advantage) - training is not new to us so why are we so far behind?
How do you convince family that supplements are good/ok? (I know I struggled with this).

This not an exhaustive list, but I thought I’d share this opportunity with you guys to get in your questions too :slight_smile: