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Subclinical Hypothiroidism? Causing Hipogonadism? Labs Included

Hi everybody!
After researching, I have realized a potential cause of my apparently idiophatic secondary/tertiary hypogonadism.
Looking at my medical history, I discovered that in 2009 I was diagnosed with hypothiroydism: TSH value of 4.35. Doctor didn’t considered it relevant, and I was not prescribed any drug.
This kind of subclinical hypothiroidism has been consistent throughout the years. For instance, in 2013, TSH was 3.83, and there was a few presence of anti tiroglobuline and thyroperoxidase antibodies. In 2016, when I was already diagnosed with secondary hypogonadism and treated, TSH was 3.02. Free thyroxine is usually in the low-normal range, with a value around 1.1, in a range of 0.7-1.8.
Interestingly, TRT (250mg of cypionate every 2 weeks) modulates TSH value to some degree: 2.75 in one lab of February 2016.
Among symptons, a significant one with less comorbidity with hypogonadism is low body temperature, around 35.9-36.1º C in the morning, which is 96.62-96.98 in the morning, if I’m not wrong. Hypothyroidism could in part explain why I still feel tired and depressed, even with TRT.

I take iodine salt, and in the last labs, iodine value was143, in a range of 136-145, which suggests to me that the cause is not dietary.
Nevertheless, according to my doctor, there is no thyroid dysfunction yet. What do you think? Is this trully a case of hypothyroidism? Could my hypogonadism be caused by hypothyroidism?
Apart from that, in one lab some weeks ago, 13 days after test injection (250mg), estradiol was 53 and TT 6.3 (in a range of 2.8-8). Although I have to talk about this with my endo, doctors in my country doesn’t seem to care much about estradiol, so I suspect an AI is not an easy option. Any suggestion about that as well?
Thank you very much in advance.
Yours sincerely

We have many here with thyroid problems and low T, suggesting that link.

You always used iodized salt, or have done so recently?

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Selenium deficiency can lead to thyroid autoimmune disease, worse with higher TSH levels.

E2 and thyroid problems can lead to depression and low energy.