Sub3g's 5/3/1 Log

This will be my first ever online log although I always used my own person notebook. I think this will be a positive experience to keep myself honest and motivated. The program that Iâ??ll run with is the 5/3/1 boring but big template (I have done this before and I enjoyed it). I will try to occasionally post videos for technique critique and progress pictures.

Will try my best to stick to this schedule:
Monday Squat
Tuesday Bench
Wednesday Off or Cardio
Thursday Conventional Deadlift
Friday Overhead Press
Saturday Off or Cardio
Sunday Off or Cardio

Week1 75% x 5reps, 80% x 5 reps, 85% x 5 or more
Week2 80% x 3reps, 85% x 3 reps, 90% x 3 or more
Week3 85% x 5reps, 90% x 3 reps, 95% for 1 or more
Week4 40% for 5, 50% for 5, 60% for 5 (deload by feel)

If the lifts are made then add 5lb upper, 10lb to lower

BW: 172lb with approx 14%BF. Iâ??ll get a more accurate number later on.
My best lifts are:
Squat 395
Bench 245
Deadlift 495
Military Press 145 2RM

Goals: In 3 months get my BW up to 180lb and drop or at least maintain BF. Push my squat past 400, deadlift past 500 and bench past 250 usapl legal bench.

squat day.

mood: motivated but something is off.
warm up felt a little heavy but in general i was happy with the workout.
Treadmill warm up, foam roll, and stretching to get the blood flowing.

warm up sets
work sets
10x300 left 1 or 2 in the tank for assistant work

squat 5x10 205
leg curl 80 4x10

bench press

mood: tired, run down, down
warm up light circuit cardio pullups, dips, boxjumps. shoulder warmup

warm up sets
2x5 45
1x5 95
1x5 135
1x5 165
1x5 180
1x12 190 just curious i looked up this weight up on a previous 5/3/1 and i only able to get 8. I was pretty happy to get this rep pr, no big tho. could have got 1 or 2 more with a spotter but was in no mood to deal with anyone.

bench 5x10 135 with a slight pause
DB Row 60x10, 80 4x10 felt pretty light bc i usually work with 100lb db’s. but i wanted to focus on form.

Sat 10/09/10

Mood: I feel terrible.
Im not going to lie. This in my 3 years of training has to be the worst workout Ive had. I was feeling run down but I figured if I got into the gym I would get into a nice groove. Wrong. The day before i went on a much needed vacaction 6 flags). The last 2 days I ate very little and what i did eat was pretty bad so im not completly suprised by the outcome of today. Lesson learned.

Quick warmup Bike/foamroll/strech
2x10 135
1x5 185
1x5 225
1x3 275
1x5 315
1x5 365
1x10 405 considering how i felt was was lucky to even get this. better than nothing.

assist: deadlift 2x10 225 I tired but I couldnt motivate myself to finish the other 3 sets.’

I went home and basiclly forcefed myself quality food for the rest of the day and rested.

Sunday 10/10/10
Overhead Press

Mood: Motivated and ready to kick ass.
After sats aweful performance I really focused on eating a ton of quality food every 2-3 hours and rest. This really helped. Im really starting to belive that my shoulder strength is starting to hold me back on the bench. Therefore, on my press day im going to hit it hard. I would like to get a BW 1RM press in the near future.

Bike, treadmill/foam roll/ stretch
OH Press:
2x10 45
1x5 65
1x5 100
1x5 110
1x11 115 rep pr from previous cycle

assistant: press 5x10 95, “hammer” bw chinups 5x10

feels good man.
food = fuel

Monday 10/11/10 5/3/1 week 2
Mood: Ready to set a rep PR. Feel good.

Bike, treadmill/foam roll/ stretch

2x5 45
1x5 140
1x5 180
1x3 215
work set
1x3 285
1x3 300
1x9 320 (90% Training max). Rep PR. I set a goal of 7-8 before i came to the gym. 9 was great but it was a ugly mother.

assist: squat 5x10 210 (not too easy to complete), laying leg curl 5x10 80
Doms are going to be nasty

Tues 10/12/10 5/3/1 week 2

Bench actual max 250, training max 225

mood: not bad. work is kinda bothering me though

warm up:
treadmill/foam roll/stretch/ quick rotator warmup

2x5 45
1x5 95
1x5 115
1x3 135
1x3 155
work set
1x3 180
1x3 190
1x9 200 (90% of training max) rep pr. my goal was 8, got 9. form was a little sloppy though need to tuck more + leg drive.
1x3 225 i felt so good i want to bang out a quick triple

assistant work: bench 135 5x10 some with a slight pause.
DB rows 70 5x10… cake, increase weight next week
weighted pull ups 3x7 35 for fun

overall great day.

I need to get caught up on these logs. Im a little behind.


Mood: Average nothing special
My numbers on the deadlift are alittle out of wack i need to address this for next months cycle. Maybe i’ll pull a 1RM to see where im actually at.

Training max 455

warmup: foamroll / stretch / treadmill quick
2x5 135
1x5 185
1x5 225
1x3 275
1x3 315
1x3 365
1x3 405
2x5 455, felt good so i did another set of 5

assistance work:
deadlift: 5x10 245 with a reset between each pull. Want to work on arching harder and getting into a better setup.

10/17/10 Press week 2

mood: Not bad. but a little tired.
I made a mistake and used the week 3 %s instead of week 2. This is okay. I have a number to rep past next week.

Press 135 training max, 150 max
warmup foam roll/treadmill/stretch
2x10 45
1x5 55
1x5 70
1x5 80
1x5 115
1x3 120
130 6,5 felt good so i did a second set

assistance work:
press 5x10 95. this felt easier than the past weeks which is a good sign. not ready to up the weight yet.
chinups BW: 5x10

10/18/10 Squat week 3

mood: pretty good. have been looking forward to this workout for the last 2 weeks.

warmup: good stretching/foamroll/treadmill run
2x10 45
1x5 145
1x5 175
1x3 215
1x3 250
1x5 300 felt heavy
1x3 320
1x7 335 rep pr. My goal was 6. I went for 7 and thought there was no way i was gonna get it. I stepped outside my comfortzone on this one and really grinded it out. Really happy about that.

assistance work:
squat: 210 5x10
laying leg curl: 5x10 80