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Sub Zero temperature Workouts?

Hey guys,

Quick question. I live in Canada and within the next few days we’re going to be heading into sub-zero Celsius temperatures lasting until next spring. At our peak, usually in February we regulary hit Minus 25 Celsius

What I want to know is at what point should I discontinue doing my GPP, and light aerobic work outside? Have these cold temperatures been linked to injuries? Any and all information on the subject will be appreciated


When I was stationed in Alaska. We did outdoor Physical Training until it got down to -10 F. There are some masks available that will let you train at lower temps. Check out the runners websites. The main problem is insuring that you have warmed up the body, keeping it warm between bouts, not letting ice build up anywhere and don’t wear nylon running short. I almost got frost bit on little lifter once. But I learned to pack him in a wool sock. Best of Luck.

Was only in Canada (SK) for a year, but I found that the best way of doing it was a stationary warm up indoors (skipping, jumping jacks, bike if you’ve got it), then weights, THEN a quick fast run to warm down outside. It makes this part of the workout really refreshing, and also means you’re warm and cooling down naturally.
Good luck.

I’m from Quebec myself so the winters can be pretty cold. I still did some sprints last winter but I would not recommend it. However slow speed sled pulling while warmly dressed is a great winter GPP.

Poliquin once said at one of his conferences that your body burns the most calories at very cold temperatures.

I would move somewher south if it was that cold.Lol. I am from Louisiana and I once went to Michigan and I don’t know how yall handle that cold ass weather.

probably the biggest thing is if you have a place to train that can limit wind exposure. Like the others though there is a point when regardless of your motion/warmth you run the risk of frost bite. If the temps stays right though I had a teacher that stayed healthy through the winter by jogging in the bare minimum to stay warm( he said that viruses don’t like the mixed up environment) I don’t know if he was goofy or not but he never got sick. Peace, Tmofa

I live in Montana, and personally I won’t do any training outside during the Fall or Winter due to the extremely low temperatures. However, I do know other people who seem to get a rush out of training under these extreme conditions. They bundle up fairly well, wear masks and gloves, and go at it. Eventually your body will warm up and you will burn more calories trying to keep you frostbitten butt warm, as mentioned in a previous pst. So if you’re extremely masochistic, by all means have a ball. Personally, I’ll stick to my nice temperature controlled gym.

I used to run 3 miles cross country to school every morning through the winter. People thought I was crazy and that I was going to wreck my lungs jogging in -20 to -30 weather but you get used to it. Just make sure you have your long underwear on!
I’ve read that your body releases more GH in cold weather = burn more calories.

I live in Florida…hehe, sorry just couldnt resist rubbin it in. Actully I satyed in MN for 2 years so I know how brutul winters can be. Layers my friend, and warmup inside before you head outside for any activity.