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Sub Q vs IM Test - Updated Question

I realize this question has been asked already here:

but I’m just wondering if any of the conventional wisdom has changed in a decade. I’ve seen a lot of TRT sources starting to advocate subq as it has a slower absorption rate into the blood and will avoid spikes and potentially lower conversion to E. Are the doses for PE purposes typically just too large to be administered subq or is there a longer standing wisdom of test needs to go IM?

depends how much your doing, do you really want to shoot 1.5cc of oil sub q and have a bulge?
HCG is in an aqueous solution so it doesnt stay there.

That’s kind of what I was figuring. I only deal with .5mL (100mg) at a time and I’ve heard that’s on the higher end of TRT dosages. Guess the big dawg dosages come in to their own problems.

I pin subQ and never had any problem with bulges or bruises. But I only pin 0,5cc (125mg) e3d.

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I tried subQ for a few weeks and didn’t care for it. I have no logical reason to suspect it, but my mood was just…off. I normally feel good most of the time, but about two weeks after I started subQ I started to get irritable and depressed for days at a time. I have no idea if they were related, but for me the experiment ended and I went back to IM.

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I did one shot subQ about 2 months ago. It left a pretty huge lump and welt that took a while to go away. IM is easy for me so that’s what I do.

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