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Sub Q Test Injections? Anyone?

Been on TRT @200mg since July and still not digging the 23g needle in my thigh. Sometimes I feel nothing other times it hurts like a sob and I NEVER thought I’d complain about a little needle. Just never bothered me but sometimes it’s a bitch. Thought about going to sub q I read it’s better anyway.

I did sub-q for a long while. I personally prefer IM in the delts using a 28-30g 1/2 inch needle 1CC insulin syringe. Much easier. I’m at 200mg/week

I use 1/2 29 gauge insulin syringes and inject shallow IM in thighs and shoulders. You’ll need 1mil syringes.

30 G insuline syringe subq in buttocks. Dont feel any pain at all.
No difference between im or subq in terms of T to E ratio. Subq will give you less spikes, although not dramatically different.

If injecting less than 1mL at a time I don’t see why 1mL syringes would be required

Sub Q prolongs half life

Ive done only sub q in belly with 29G and works excellent for me
I get some swelling and itching from the HCG only

Great to hear guys but how do you guys draw it? Do you use removable needle tips because the 29ga insulin needles I use for HCG are made all in one. So, it would take forever to draw along with inject.

Any advice appreciated seriously looking to go to sub Q

The removable needle ones waste too much IMO

You can draw through a fixed 29 or 30g but it takes a bit longer. Not a big deal honestly, still only takes 2-3 mins for the whole process. You can backload them (google or YouTube it) or what I did was switched to 3x a week instead of daily. I do 1/2” 30g in the delt 3x a week. No pain that way. I can’t imagine using the big ass needles in your thigh like that.

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You can pull the plunger out. Sometimes it takes a little effort, but they come out and pop back in. I pull them out, back fill with a 23 ga, then put the plunger in just enough to seal. Then turn the tip up and let the air bubble rise to the top and then push it out.

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Thanks all,

Will try this evening but being curious if I black load TEST CYP into the 29ga needles I have which are I believe 1/2”

Where should I inject the testosterone? In my belly area like my HCG?

Or in my felt etc because thst MIGHT be enough needle time reach muscle area there, not sure.

Don’t mind going into the muscle with the 29ga at all just thst 23g is getting old…