Sub Q Injections

Can you use 5/8 25 gauge for sub q injection? and its only .5 per injection or can you do as much as 1ml?

The needle size doesn’t matter, just be sure to stay in fat with the needle.
5/8 depending on the injection site can be just enough to get through the fat/skin,
but too shallow to enter muscle. The area between the two is a place
you don’t want the oil to be.

Most SUBQ of test is done by TRT guys, and they are using smaller amounts
say .125 or .25ml. Even at this small volume nodules can be left behind and
cause discomfort. .5 to 1ml will leave a nodule for sure.

If you want to use a smaller needle with higher volume I suggest 27-29g 1/2 slin pins.
They leave very small holes and you can get IM in the delt or trap with ease,
you can also use them for SUBQ if that is the road you want to travel.

I like to use a big needle like a 25g 1" insulin needle. This allows for control and fast oil speeds. I go in it and pierce at a 110 degree angle and only insert the needle part of the way inside. Stay in the fat and inject your oils evenly so the tissue can absorb the oils. .125mL-.2ml should be fine.