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Sub Q Injections. I Know, But

I only have use of one-hand. I usually go IM in the quads and rotate them out. Before I get too scared up and since I have plenty of fat, could I do sub q injections?

Can anyone try it (fat or not) and let me know? I have enough of a “fat roll” that seems like it’d mimic “pinching” the fat.

Thanks all!

Never hurts to try. If it doesn’t work well go back to IM

Very true. Just don’t want to poke something I don’t need to. I guess I can go in at an angle and try. 29 .50" 1ml? What about for 250? Just do two at 125? Back load in the syringe?

You are doing 250mg? That is a minimum of 1 ml if not 1.5ml. If you are shooting that once a week I do not know that sq is best for you. But then you should go to twice a week anyway. A 1ml 29g 1/2 will work. If you hit muscle, it is not going to be any worse than a Im injection with a longer heaver needle

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