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Sub Q Injection Sites

I know there have been a number of posts on sub q injection sites and recommended needle sizes and lengths etc, but I just wanted a little clarification on injection sites and techniques because I’m still a little unsure.

I’ve been testing sub q injection sites as I read everyone is different and some sites seem to be better than others, depending in the person. I’m quite a slim guy with not a lot of fat in me.

So far I’ve done -

  • love handles which worked well. I only did a test .10 ml shot. Very little pain and no lumps under the skin.
  • belly which was more painful. Another .10 ml shot which left a small pee sized lump which was quite sore.
  • glute which was very painful. Did .20 ml here and had strong pain like a bee sting for about three hours. Then pain completely gone.

Next test shot will be in the quads but Im a little worried about all the veins there and the fact I am so lean on my quads. I read that I should do the upper quad because there was more fat. I wanted ask how high is safe? because I only have fat right at the very top of my legs. Is it safe to inject their?

Thanks in advance.

Okay did the upper quad sub q shot today. Seem to be a lot of veins in my quads but managed to miss all of them which was a great relief. Followed KSman’s advice and the image below also helped, so thanks to both guys for this advise. Think Charlie posted the image before.

This was the best sub q injection site so far. Zero pain and so easy to inject because easily accessible. I actually enjoyed doing the shot which is a little weird. I guess because it was painless.

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Your welcome. Veins are nicely visible. Seems little to no veins on the top outside quad. Sometimes I go way high on the leg still good but a bit more sensitive. I alternate legs.

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Well my quads have a lot more veins visible than yours. They seem to be everywhere! Just a matter of avoiding them (;

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After injecting, press firmly where needle pierced the skin and hold for 10 seconds. This will allow cut vessels to close off and will prevent perhaps all bleed bruises.

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I actually did this and seemed to work well as I have zero pip or bruising. What would happen if a vein is hit?

It will hurt a little more and bleed a little, maybe bruise, some swelling sometimes if it bleeds a lot. Nothing major. obviously still avoid as much as possible.

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Thanks for the reply… I’ll do my best to avoid the veins for sure!

If all else fails, this is the best way to describe the site I use. And no matter how lean you are, you will have a nice little pad here.

Stand up and put your hands on your hips. Now, reverse your hands so that your fingers are pointing backwards, with the thumb pointing forward instead…like how a girl would stand with hands on hips.

Your fingers should now be covering the exact area you can shoot into very easily. You don’t even need to pinch anything if you’re using a half inch needle.

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I think I tried that spot already… gluteus medius I think is the name. Will give it another go some time (;

Thought this might be of help to others who are using insulin needles to inject their meds. For some odd reason many people struggle with drawing up their T with small insulin needles and sometimes end up backloading…

I did 2 mins of DIY and made this little stand to make life super easy drawing up my T. You just insert needle, draw back past your desired dosage then place upside down on the little stand. Then pop back in a minute or two and all ready to go :wink:



pretty cool

Nice. just make sure you are cleaning the top of your vial every time you plunge a needle in there.

Yes always super careful to clean the rubber stopper on the vial. So far no issues.