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Sub Q Injection Site Pain

New guy here, I know I must have done something wrong…

I just did my first injection of Test Cyp. .5ml. on Saturday. I used a 25g 5/8 needle and pinched the skin (I am pretty lean) in my abdomen for the injection. About 24 hours later I had a lot of pain just below the injection site. It is still sore now(36 hours later) and feels like a deep bruise. There is no visible bruising or even reddening of the injection area though? Any ideas on what caused this? I did keep the skin pinched during the whole injection, could that be why? I did do a lot of physical activity in the 24 hours after the injection (long bike ride, landscaping, lifting and carrying bags of rock) so maybe I put too much pressure on the area?
I am now dreading my next injection on Wednesday so any help would be appreciated.

I’m not sure what you did wrong. I’ve been injecting sq for 7 months without a single issue. I don’t use the abdomen. Something about that area makes me uneasy. I use the area around my hips. Everywhere from the tops of my thighs to the sides of my butt cheeks. I also use a thinner needle. Also be sure you inject slowly. Try a different location and let us know.

Just watch to see if it gets red/puffy. The first couple times it hurts more for new guys. Some compounding pharmacies load up on the alcohol. Its going to sting a bit, but you don’t want an infection.

I prefer injecting in my delts. Sometimes I literally feel nothing. Just go straight in/don’t worry about pinching anything to attempt to make it sub q.

I use a 29g half inch. It hurts a lot less but takes a while to draw. That said you are lean and would likely be fine with a 29g 3/8. Some guys love themselves a 27g but a 25g is simply fat in my humble opinion

Unless it is red you did nothing wrong. It gets better for some reason, it hurts more when you are new to it. But you always feel testosterone the next day or two. I would Inject slowly and hold the syringe with your free hand at the base. The less you move the better. I fine that bit of fat at your hips one of the best spots. back side of your arms as well but that is a hard reach. If you have any fat at your upper abs, I fine that spot painless the next day. And maybe you are pinching too hard. You just need to control the skin not actually pinch it. You will find the spots that are best for you

It is a good spot but you can leave a small bruise at times (I have grown careless) and that will always happen when I will be out with my shirt off. Nothing like a bruise on your abs to draw questions

Like verne said, bruises are possible. I should clarify, when I said it will sting, I meant for the next day or two included. Not right away. The alcohol in it to prevent infection causes the pain until it dissipates.

Update- I did my injection in the love handle area above my hip on the side and only pulled the skin slightly to the front as I did it. Went way better and so far no pain or bruising. I am going to try to get some shorter needles though because I don’t push these 5/8 needles in very far. Maybe I should ask for a smaller gauge as well?

Well I hope you found your method. if it doesn’t hurt don’t worry about the changing the needles. the one you’re using draws a lot easier than my 29g 1/2 for me though the smaller needle is worth the effort

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