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Sub Q Injection Peak Time


Hi All. I am starting Sub Q injections this week. I will be doing 100mg 2x a week Sub Q.

I understand that regular injections using cyp peak around day 2-3. Any idea when the peak is if you are doing Sub Q?

I will keep everyone updated how it goes.


That's a pretty high dose (if you mean 100mg 2x for a total of 200mg). Peak should be similar on SQ as opposed to IM, however.


Yes I am an overexcretor and very active so I burn through 200mg very fast.

My peak of each weekly shot on intramuscular of 200mg of cyp is 1066 total testosterone with free testosterone at 29 (9-26).

By the next injection one week later I am down to around 750-800 depending on activity level. I only take .25 mg of arimidex 1-2 times a week and keep E2 int he 20's


SC causes a slower release, so your peaks are going to be different. This really isn't going to be a concern since you are injecting twice per week--your levels will be pretty stable throughout the week while on this protocol. Which is why so many guys are moving towards it...

But I assume you are asking so you can time your bloodwork? My advice would be to just not worry about it and have you rbloodwork done right before your next injection. That way if it is on the high side, you can lower it a bit (since you know your "peak" is probably a it above) . otherwise, you can keep it right where it's at.


Ok sounds good, thanks for the input. I am hoping the more stable levels on sub q will help eliminate acne as well. On IM 200mg of testosterone 1x a week my back flares up pretty bad. Its funny because it flared up the most on 150mg a week IM.