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I was going to do a sus/tren/dbol cycle but my local guy has lost his mind on the price. I’ve got some eq I was saving for the spring, would this make an ok stack and would I still need the adex?

Are you saying you want to substitute Eq for your sust to make it an eq/tren/dbol cycle? If so I don’t think you’d make the same gains in terms of mass and yes you would still need adex. Try to find some sort of test to go with the tren. I doubt you’ll be dissapointed. BTW this definitely isn’t to say that I don’t like EQ. I love it. In fact the eq/tren/dbol cyle would probably be pretty kickass if you already had low bdyft% and ran it while cutting up.

Wideguy is right, try to find some cheaper test. But if you can’t do the eq and the dbol and the tren, you may be surprised by the results, or just buy less test and do like one shot a week.

How the hell can you cut while on EQ? I just don’t understand that. I take my hat off to anyone with the willpower to cut cals while on EQ.

Warhorse is right, and I definitely spouted textbook knowledge while overlooking realworld experiance. Everytime I read about EQ it usually mentions its ability to yeild hard lean gains and bring out vascularity. Perhaps if you are one of the people who don’t get HUNGRY AS FUCK while on it then it would work, maybe some sort of appetite suppresant would help to.