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Sub. For OH Lockout

Guys, can you recommend me some exercises which I can do instead of lockouts (for OH pressing, not for bench).
My gym has everything, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a power rack.
So, any help is appreciated.

Try push-press to emphasize the top of the lift, or do handstand pushups with your feet against the wall.

Maybe you could clean the weight up, jerk it to the top and just do the top part of the press.

You might be limited to higher reps, but try it.

sorry if this is totally off base but don’t the tri’s kick in for lockout on OH just like in bench couldn’t you do some OH work then do some heavy board presses or other tri work( lot easier to get a spot more likly to have equipment) to get alot of the same training effect. this may be off base but thats my $.02


Yeah just starting doing some borad presses, pin presses, floor presses whatever, just focus on your triceps, you’ll notice the difference overhead

Do you have access to chains?

[quote]MachineAZ wrote:
Do you have access to chains?[/quote]

No. I’m lucky that my gym has a platform for oly lifting, there are only like 5 gyms like that in my country. Chains, bands… maybe somewhere else, but not in my gym.