Sub for Box Squats

What exercise can I substitute for box squats on CW’s Strength-Focused Mesocycle.

Could you link to the specific cycle you mean? I’m not quite sure what the other exercises being used are, but, OTOH…

PL Squats

Full Squats

Pause squats

Sumo deadlifts

Romanian deadlifts with a pause at the bottom

Keystone deadlifts

Tire flip

Disregard if these are already used/inaccessable, of course…


Box squats aren’t very hard to implement and have a lot of qualities you can’t easily duplicate with similar exercises. Chances are they’re being used because they’re easier to recover from. A box made from plywood framed by 2x4’s would be more than strong enough and would only cost you a couple dollars to make.

You can do them off a bench if you dont have a box.