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Sub 20 5K

So i recently ran a 20:25 5k and im very happy for my hard work has finally paid off. Honestly i didnt finish great and felt like i could of pushed harder… my next race is in 2 days any tips for eating plan, race plan… etc i have practice tomorrow 3miles should i run hard, run easy?..

Would you do a ME bench day the day before a powerlifting meet? Of course not. Don’t run at all and if you want to move go for a walk.

The 5k is too short of a race for stuff like carb loading to be a consideration so I would eat at normal and of course don’t eat a couple hours before the race unless you want to leave that food on the side of the road. I like to sip on G2 cut in half (and topped off with a power shot to put the taste back with some BCAA’s right before any hard cardio.