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Sub 20 5K??

Im 2 minutes from breaking a sub20 5k any tips for my race tomorrow how should i start the race & end it? any tips will help

Honestly shaving two minutes off your time takes a lot of work. Last year I ran three miles in 18 minutes, and it took me almost six months to get there. I started at 21 minutes, so six months to shave three minutes. What I did was upped my weekly mileage progressively. Thats the only way to make sure that your legs will have enough gas in the tank. My training looked something like this.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9

After week 9 I took a week break then continued adding mileage and upped to 5 days a week. I would run my three milers at my desired pace (6 min) until I no longer could then Id slow down, but never below 8 minute miles. All my runs between three and 6 I would run between 7 and 7:30 miles. I never ran longer than 9 miles but my 8 and 9 milers I ran at 8 min pace, but would usually be feeling good and would finish the last few miles as fast as possible.

This is just what I did but it’s by no means the only way, I basically made it up as I went along and just kept trucking. Its hard, but doable, so good luck man.

Yeah, don’t change from your current training.

Trying something new on race day is suicide.

Make a plan for your next race.

Hi there,

So I’ve done this a few times in my late 20s at about 100-110kg at the time… so definitely not a running build I just transitioned from half marathons to 5k and sub 5k runs so I could get more into weight lifting.

In any case its already been said… never ever change your routine on race day. Trying things out is what training is for. I would usually run the course beforehand too just to get a feel for it. I’ve run races where I mistakingly thought the end was earlier than it really was. That’s a recipe for a hard finish :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case when it comes to improving my speed the best thing I ever did was incorporate a lot more hill sprints and interval training. I found a great circuit that was probably about 1km with a huge hill of about 100-200m and would sprint that then use the remaining part of the circuit to practice more medium level interval work. That I think is what got me well under the 4min/km rate.

Also find a runner that is faster than you or has different strengths and run with them. One time I did a 14km run with a much better runner than I. He stuck with me until the last km because we were buddies and it was a huge event so he wasn’t gonna set any records :stuck_out_tongue: In any case I ran that last km closer to 3min than 4min just because I was chasing him :slight_smile:

In any case good luck with the race and seriously once you’ve got the endurance up to run 10km I’d say concentrate more on sprints and interval stuff.