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Sturdy Paralettes


I found this:
(you'll have to scroll down a few pages to see the design)
They seem very sturdy, and I thought of getting a pair made (I know a carpenter). Do you think they would be better than paralettes? I was thinking that having a block as a base woul be more stable than a handle+base...


I seen some over on www.beastskills.com that look pretty good out of PVC pipe. You could always mount them later with u hooks on a platform or 2X6 or 2X8s or so.


BTW, what do you plan on using them for? Ive been using a make shift set for doing handstand holds and pushups along with Lsit and a few other bodyweight drills.


Planche and freestanding handstand push-up training. Did you look at those in the course?


Parallettes with a narrow base made out of PVC are fine. You can just attach rubber end caps to the end or theres some stuff you can buy at the hardware store that you can coat. Or you fill the bottoms with lead shot or sand to weigh them down. Really cheap and sturdy.

Then again, the carpentry option is fine as well but it won't make difference really. I bought my plettes from American Gymnast and they have been working fine taking plenty of abuse for the past year and a half.


Yeah I saw those, it took forever to load hence my posting before I saw them. Anyhow, they look solid, but I think I would go with the PVC as they would require less tools and provide more versitility.

What Im using now for parellets is those little pushup handles and a bunch of step boxes so that I have clearance to tuck and start the sit through or into the handstand. Ive also been playing around with these on my Jungle gym, which is similar to the blast straps.