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Stupidly Long Work Weeks?


Over the last 3 weeks Ive worked two 75 hour work weeks and one 80 hour week of a very physical job. I still have 2 months of this left. I'm exhausted and starting to feel slightly depressed.

Has anyone else worked this many hours or longer before? how did you cope without going insane?


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LOL, well I don't have a milf girlfriend. Maybe you'll share?


56 hours a week for the last 7 years with 2 weeks off for Christmas.

Coping: After a good day I'll reward myself with a glass of wine, after a bad day I'll turn down the air pump in the aquarium.


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You just have to enjoy the time you aren't at work to the fullest. I'm 1 day away from a 70hr week myself you bet your ass I'm going to enjoy my 2 days off before I start my next 70hr week.


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Suck it up buttercup. At least your time will end. Some people do that shit their whole lives.

If you are getting paid for the OT I don't see what the problem is. Try getting some more sleep and eating better. Sex also helps. Fuck the pain away LOL.


and a lot more besides.


I suppose that is right. suck it up. I know it will end, and I'm bloody glad it will. I admire, but dont understand how people can sustain those kind of hours on a permanent basis without going insane. I know for sure I would.

I get paid minimum wage and no overtime pay. We don't even get a lunch break lol! I eat in the landrover between jobs, so its a case of wolfing food down when you can.

Fucking the pain away would help, if the girl wants to get out of bed at midnight. So I'll have to settle for wanking LOL


Haha, I like this.




if that aint enough box o wine and a good blunt always does the job too hehehe


What kind of work are you doing? I was a mover for a few summers and we only got OT on office moves over a certain # of hours. I worked similar hours to you for basically minimum wage, and yes it was awful.

I'm assuming by no OT pay you mean you just don't get time and a half? Or do you only get paid for 40 hours? If that were the case I'd fucking quit in a heartbeat.


I envy you guys, that stuff always makes me cough like hell.


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