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'Stupidity or Dedication?'

So today is my birthday…am I celebrating? not at all. My normal ritual is to eat an entire pizza from my favorite restaurant, an 3 huge slices of birthday cake from the best joint in town. BUT, I am filming a scene on sunday for an independent movie, and I have to look as shredded as possible for it. So I’m once again following Thibs shredded in 6 days, and not taking any liberties whatsoever…oh the life.

work hard play harder.

You won’t go to jail for celebrating your birthday on a different day.

well I hope… since I tell my gf’s I need birthday head on the 8th of every month.

Dedication. You can have your pizza and cake another day, for your birthday.

O BTW, happy birthday. You attention whore :wink:

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haha thanks guys. I know I wouldn’t stand to look at myself on screen if I didn’t have those damn striations running through my delts!!!

its the price you pay to play the game

just celebrate after you are done with whatever you are dieting for.

Fuck it, I’m going to go ahead and have a pizza FOR YOU. Happy Birthday.

Remind yourself of your priorities. You can have your cake any old day, but right now, you’re pursuing something else besides gluttony -lol. Hell, I already informed my family that next year I’ll be prepping for a show when my birthday rolls around, so we’ll need to wait an extra month and a half,… but feel free to eat your own cake on my birthday, just don’t expect me to come around and watch you :slight_smile:

In the meantime though, just got back from a nice little breakfast with my girl,… giant stack of chocolate chip/banana pancakes… now I’m gonna go lay down and rub my fat tummy until I pass out… ahhhhh so nice to not be dieting -lol


yeah so Stu…check this out. I had the shooting last weekend, I looked good. In fact, I’m sure I’ll look even more ripped on camera because it was a scene in the dark and the lighting is crazy. But anyway, everything went according to plan. BUT, after the shooting, on my way back, I made two stops,

  1. A local bakery for 2 giant peanut butter cookies and a chocolate milk
  2. Dunking donuts for 2 chocolate donuts and a coffee

So when I get home about an hour later, I’m looking at myself with my shirt off and I look INSANELY ripped. My veins were literally popping out of my shoulders and arms. Lol, another lesson learned. Eat crap the day of. Lol. If I only I did this right before the scene, who knows, I woulda looked even better. Oh well. Always next time.

Funny how it works huh? At my show in May, they had a huge time gap between the novice and masters categories, and the mens open. SO after I walked backstage with my 3 trophies (Two 1sts and an overall), I knew that I would have to go back out eventually for the open class, but I was so damn stoked that I just needed to eat something,… anything.

Corey, who had managed to keep me in check all day (no water, no carbs aside from rice cakes and nutella, nothing not in our game plan) realized that I looked about ready to faint, quickly ran off and returned with a 3 muskateers bars. I managed to not have any water, just in case I had somehow made top 5 in the open, but wolfed down the candy bar essentially thinking I was done for the night, and going back out on stage was just a formality.

Well, lemme tell you, despite thinking I had done everything right all day, when I looked at the pics from the show, I really think I just looked the best when I was out on stage for the open finals.

Of course it is a damn fine line, and I do think you’re always better erring on the side of under carbing rather than over carbing (and looking like crap),… but it’s kinda cool when you hit it just right (just a little frustrating when it’s the day AFTER your ‘show’ -lol)