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Stupidity detector.

I invent nothing here. You know the old saying, in sales, after a closing question the first person who talks loses.

Guess what? It works very well as a dumbness/shallowness detector.

Lets say you dont fall prey to telling stupid things. Let`s say, if you have nothing intelligent or valuable to say, you shut up.

And let us suppose you are in a public setting, like the bus or gym or whatever similar context, with someone you know a bit.

Be attentive to the next person who breaks the silence (unless it`s a job related question). If you are more confident in your aloneness or silent strength than the other joe, just watch him start bitching, about you or some issue. The more insecure the person, the shorter the silence period.

Silence forces one to face his inner demons and/or preoccupying thoughts. In a good majority of people, this is unwelcome, a source of tension. Most will start acting it out just to change their ideas. Most people will do almost anything to avoid that damned silence period. Like a good story or movie, the tension builds up and most people have to find an exit to their inner tension. Very few can resist this tension. Watch them hunt for tension releasers.

For a good gang, watch them try to relieve their boredom by trying to tease you (for their fun).

You did nothing, you gave them silence, and this is what you get as output. Like you asked for it. Absolutely no link with input (out of nowhere, in short). Very useful. Very rewarding. wink

But it is useful to know. It allows rapid detection of stupid and/or people who can not tolerate too much uncertainty. Does not take too long either. OTOH, this same silence will allow you to discover what they choose to contribute when this silent period does happen. Do they bring something useful or of value? Some do.

You just need silence to sort them out and see their true colors and priorities.

Silence. What a wonderful concept. =0)

Now I`ll shut up. ;0)

Works in the West. Not in the East.


Hmmmm, that’s very interesting.I can already think of a few people who are like that.I’m gonna have some fun with this!

CHARDAWG: Thanks. Must be interesting. Must keep the unknown person mystery thing going on longer. Cool.

Anybody know it this works in Europe?


Choose silence of all virtues, for by it you hear other men’s imperfections, and conceal your own"

~ George Bernard Shaw

Damn good observations.

In europe: If you’re American, the french will always be silent.

the italians will ALWAYS try to talk, at every opportunity. Even if you don’t understand. Even if you cry.

The swiss will, in periods of silence, switch to one of the 173 languages that every single switch person speaks. Or, they will look at their watches.

The german men will take another sip of beer.
The german women will talk to the bus driver at 8am in the morning (talk AT is a better description) while covering at least 10 topics in one breath.

Char, you must add that it doesn’t work only with people under 30 in the case of Japan. (or old ladies of course - cackling hens)