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stupid ?

ok i know this might be a stupid question but i’ve been looking for the running man article and also warrior training and i can’t find the issue.
i only have a 30 pound dumbell so i’m pretty much doing all bodyweight excersises. could someone please tell me which articles they are?

“Running Man”

thanks eric cressey
i appreciate it

ok i just started the running man training yesterday and DAMN IT KICKS ASS! but i was wondering a few things.
first of all were any of you able to do all 6 rounds of the jogging 60 sec and sprinting 15 sec on your first day. cause i tried and by the 2nd round my legs were on FIRE! i was able to do only one more, which i know i will increase the next time i do it. the other thing is how many times do i do this in a week period? any feedback would be much appreciated.

the same thing happened to me, got really winded and had cramps after the 3rd sprint. i just walked for 60 sec and sprinted the last 2. according to the article (fitting it in chart), for us who are out of shape, it specifies to only do it twice per week.

Try it twice a week to start.

thanks for the feedback. i’ll do it twice a week for now and see how it goes. after i rested alittle bit i went back out and played 3 games of basket ball. 1st and 2nd game i was kinda winded but the funny thing is after the 3rd game i was ready and hyped up. sucks though cause the lights went off so no more games. oh well. i was also wondering if all of this running would actually help me with my hops. stupid ? i know but i’m full of them. but… i am learning and thats what realy counts.