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Stupid Wrists

Alright, back with another question after a few more months training hard.

Last week a did a powerclean and during the explosive phase my wrist sort of dislocated but re-alligned as I finished the lift. So for the past week the wrist has been fairly sore, I’m still lifting on it (bench etc) but struggle with any motion where my wrist and forearm aren’t in a horizontal line.

Has this happened to anyone before? What replacement exercise can I do for powerclean in the meantime?


Quit doing power cleans unless you actually have a real coach to teach you the correct technique.

In fact, why are you doing power cleans in the first place?

To answer what you can do to replace it, we need to know why you’re doing it now.

Oh ok fair point. Well they were intended to develop my posterior chain, as well as some explosiveness for things like sprints. I began doing them when I started ‘Starting Strength’ as they were part of the program, but haven’t really enjoyed them to be honest, which is probably down to shitty form.

Hopefully my explanation can help in determining a more appropriate exercise for a beginner without a real coach.

I say try using straps for PC, but if you wrist still hurts then lay off PCs for a few weeks.

Put ice on it after training and take you fish oil daily. Then work your way back to PCs.

As for coaching…

…check to see if any of these are close to you. Email one of those clubs near you anyways, there are many more gyms that are not registered but the coaches know about them.

I would say lay off the the PC for a while. Once you get better, develop good enough flexibility in your wrists to where you can clean.