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Stupid Way to Get a Lumbar Strain..

not really asking for any advice here, i just hope to make some of you chuckle and perhaps be more careful in the shower after your workout…

strapped for time on deadlift day, i resolved to bang out the main lift (week 2 in cycle 4 of my 5/3/1 deadlift) and call it a day. i scaled back a bit the prior week due to a slight lumbar strain at work two weeks before, but i felt great last week and today after warming up so i said to hell with it. i ended up with a PR, 9 reps @ 245# plus 1 more rep for good measure after i caught my breath. i stretched for 5 minutes and rushed into the showers.

everything felt great until i lifted my right leg to wash it off and felt a familiar POP in my back. turns out that lifting 50# of leg with a rounded back after deadlifts was not a good idea.