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stupid things you've done

 Me and my friend were talking and he had a couple funny things happen to him...

 He was a bartender at a nightclub. After a particularly long night, he headed home, but traffic was jammed because of construction on the highway. It wasnt  moving at all. He just passed out for a few seconds - or so he thought. When he looked at the clock, 30 minutes had gone by, the traffic was ALL cleared, and his car was STOPPED in the middle lane of the highway where hed been sleeping. I laughed my ass off!!!

  A guy at this party had a little too much drink. He needed a place to pass out, but he said he makes a lot of noise when asleep, and refused to sleep inside the house. He headed off to his car, where he completely passed out, a leg by the windshield, an arm behind the seat, and so forth. Come morning he decides it's time to head home - problem is, keys dont fit. He looks around only to notice there's nothing there thats familiar. He then realizes he slept through the whole night in a stranger's car! What's hilarious is he's the kind of guy that looks like a bum - long hair, big dude, unshaven - and he was dead drunk. 

 Anybody have funny stories that happened to you or someone you know? Share!!!

Ok, here goes…

When I first started working as a Hospital Corpsman, I worked at the improcessing clinic for Navy Bootcamp. One of the things I was tasked to do was give classes to recruits on how to fill out paperwork the day before they showed up at our clinic. Each class held about 350-400 recruits in this great big room, so whenever we did these sessions we wore a wireless microphone. Well, one day I had given a series of instructions just as normal and while the recruits were filling out their paperwork I decided to “use the head.”

So, I walked over to my partner who co-taught the class, leaned over and whispered, “Dude, I’ll be right back, I gotta take a piss.” Well guess who forgot to turn off his Wireless Microphone? That?s right, Brad did?

350+ recruits busted out laughing at my stupid ass while I felt every last bit of my credibility fly away.

Just one of many?