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Stupid Things That Docs Do and Say


Endo, “I’m not sure you are actually testosterone deficient.” (reading 265)
Me, “All I know is that on my current dose all of my symptoms are gone and I feel like a new man. Im a better husband, a better father, Im confident, and loving life.”
Endo, “Well you’d feel great if you were doing cocaine too but that doesn’t mean you are cocaine deficient.”
Me, :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Endo, “its the perfect analogy”


Endocrinologist (who is a private doctor and proffessor and highly respected member of medical community) “1052ng/dl is equivilent to 28 nmol”
Me “no it isn’t, 1052 is equivilent to 36.5nmol”
endo “No it isn’t”
me “I know the conversion calculation and if you go onto the nebido or nmol to ng/dl calculator”
Endo “I have a PHD in this”
I drop the arguement

Same appointment, endocrinologist drops my shot duration from every 3 weeks to every 2 weeks
Me " can we do primoteston instead of sustanon (sustanon as a slightly less shitty nadir every 2 weeks compared to sustanon"
Endo “they’re both the same, they both get metabolised into testosterone”
Me “ok” facepalm

also same apptment
Endo “at 19nmol you should be feeling great, it’s a perfect level for a normal male”
Me “that’s around half what I used to produce naturally”

ALSO same appointment
Endo “looks like there is no underlying pituitary pathology” (free T4 is at 10.9 on a scale of 10-18)

endo wants to get me on a testosterone cream next appointment, the only reason I’m staying with the doc and not going down the self medication route is to keep my mother happy and so I can figure out why my glucose tolerance is abnormal, which is what the endo seemed the most concerned about.

To be fair this isn’t near as bad as the other posts on here, but seriously, fuck Australia’s TRT protocals, the six month wait def wasn’t worth it.


Just started TRT for the first time at a T/anti-aging clinic…

Me: How much time on this therapy until initial bloodwork is performed?
Doc: First bloodwork in 6 months, we do bloodwork every 6 months here
Me: Starting out it seems more appropriate to be tested after 6-8 weeks…?
Doc: We could do it as early as 4 months I suppose but no earlier

I see a LabCorp in my very near future…


If I were you I would create your own thread and post your labs including ranges, responses would be better there rather than here.


Urologist changed my 2x a week 50mg pin protocal because of high Estradiol.

“Do the math on 3x a week for a total of 100mg”.



“Testosterone doesn’t effect mood” -Doc I visited recently


Maybe, however:

Losing belly fat,
Having increased energy,
Less joint pain,
Being stronger,
Having improved sexual function,
need I go on?

Testosterone effects all of those, and those effect mood. I know no one who would be unhappy with those benefits.


Considering low T can cause depression and alternately TRT fixes that I would say thats a pretty big “mood” swing. Not to mention less irritable, bitchy, and easily emotional.

Also: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapsychiatry/fullarticle/481955


“You’re depressed, have developed insomnia, and have no sex drive after we jacked up your dose multiple times? I think you just need more testosterone. Let’s get you on these pellets we do…No, I’m sure your estrogen is fine.”

About to fire this guy. I don’t like the idea of doctor shopping, but this dude’s gonna give me cancer. Never once drew my E2 again after he put me on testosterone. Had to argue with him about it to get him to approve a test I pay for out of pocket. Keeps insisting DIM is enough.


My brother in law sees the same trt doc I do - he’s a bit of a fuck but relatively malleable. I self inject, but he won’t let my brother in law do it, so he goes in every two weeks for 300mg and his estrogen is fucked up.

“Just ride it out kid.”