Stupid Things That Docs Do and Say

Skippers in a bad mood again…

LOL. No. Actually, I’m feeling pretty goddamn good. Just got done with an intense 36 miler on the bike and decided to clean up my hotmail account. I saw your (hmm) response to a message I left on T Nation. Be of good cheer. I’ll leave you to your minions. You and them deserve each other.

Great that you are doing that bike work! :+1:

I used to be a national qualified bodybuilder. Years later, I am on TRT. I’ve had my gyno removed in the past, and asked my doctor for tamoxifen to go with my test cyp. He said, “no, that’s a cancer drug.” So he writes me a script for arimidex.:expressionless:

Just sayin.

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“Your weight gain caused your low-T” …actually a gained weight when my T dropped, Doc…that’s part of why i’m here

“I see you gym guys all the time come in here with low T numbers, it is the protein powder inhibiting your natural production because there are hidden anhydrous test boosters in it, I need you off it for 6 weeks before I will draw blood” …ummmm…I don’t see that on the Metabolic Drive label.

“I can’t help you with the injury to your testicle, and I don’t really think that is your issue, go see a urologist.”…Endocrinologist fail.

“You are too young for TRT, and you really need to get off the internet and just do what i recommend”…final red flag

This was all in one appointment.

Just an old classic from me… 'you can’t possibly have low testosterone, you have a beard!

Hahahaha, genius!

My newest endocrinologist after I showed him my Cortisol test (20% higher than top reference range without any external stress):

“This is nothing. I’ve seen patients with 3 times higher than yours”.

I feel I can contribute…

From a GP: “I’ve never heard of ANYBODY using a syringe to inject testosterone, you need to take the pills”

A consultation with my ex who has hypothyroism and had all the symptoms even though her TSH was “normal”

To her GP

Me: “Could it be that the T4 isn’t properly converted to T3 therefore that’s why she has problems. And, of course, the TSH is normal, she’s taking Synthroid”

Him (pissed off): “What do you do in life???”

Me: “Just saying that maybe she needs Cytomel and she’ll be fine”

Him: “If I prescribed this I’ll lose my licence!!!”

3 months later I got her to see my endo and he did prescribed her T3 and she’s doing great ever since…

A nurse calls me back the following day after blood work

“Sir, you have a problem, please call me back it’s urgent”

I thinking cancer, I mean what else! So I call back

Her: “Your test level is too high!” (I had pinned the day before, I know not the best time to do but still)
Me: “Ah yeah I know, that’s because I injected myself yesterday…Thank God, I thought I had something bad”
Her: “Well if it doesn’t go down you will have a problem”
Me: “Is everything else fine?”
Her: “Yes”
Me: “Thank you”

Turns out my level was at 1,100… And she forgot or do not know that there’s a curve to an injection smh

I also could go on about how my former GP nearly kill my dad twice!

i’m 20 yo, overweight ~ 264 pounds | 120 KG, 180 cm | 5’11"

low T low SHBG, low LH and FSH


Me: so why i have only 280 ? my father whos 52 has 393 which is also low but still …

Her: what’s the weight of your father ?

Me: maybe 85

Her: see ? your father isn’t that much OW as you !

she is really stupid, she doesn’t want to hear about symptoms only lab ranges

no more blood test and no more appointment with her nothing

she is based at a university hospital at Paris :fr:

link of my thread if you want to see blood results link

Urologist: “Yes, your SHBG is high, but that is ok, because your Testosterone is high to compensate”.

Me: “So why am I having these other problems (blah-blah)?”

Urologist: “I don’t know because everything looks good. I think you are getting old”.

No shit. “Old” at mid-fifties.

Me: “I realize my testosterone is high because of high SHBG, but look at how low my FREE testosterone is. That is where my problem is.”

Urologist: “Don’t worry about free testosterone. Your total testosterone level is high and that is all you need to worry about.”

Really??? :frowning:

That depression thing is funny, i had some knee procedures done recently, and it worked out nicely, less pain and good deal. But they continuously survey me for depression…which i am not a depressive sort of person. I am happier now that i have less pain, but perhaps pain is sometimes conflated into depression, though i don’t think it was in my case. But, perhaps i’m biased…but i’m not a depress prone sort of person…more rational and direct…

it’s the easiest way that an ahole tell his " patient " aka client FY!

i have been told many f… times that i had psychological problems

if i had 1 cent for every time that an ahole told me this i would pay world debt KEK.

Thanks for keeping this thread rolling!

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So, went to my regular MD and told him about my TRT stuff. He was understanding, though that’s not in his wheelhouse. He said that if i lift heavy weights and lose weight my TRT will go back up (it’s been down for 15 years, and in the beginning I was in good shape…i’m not now). But, I proviced KSman’s TRT protocol, he looked at it and said that he’d have me tested for elevated E and see if i needed HCG. He is knowledgeable about all of this stuff (personally, i think he’s a great MD) and would recommend treatment depending on what the tests said. It is nice to have an MD that knows stuff, might have a disagreement, but respects the newer science.

So, later this week i’ll have y E and HCG tested.

He did say if i come off T to taper. He also agreed that a 22g is a massive needle for injections, and said he preferred the 29g insulin needle, if i’m going to do this.

Cool, i’ll show the test data when the happen.


Went to GP with blood test…

TSH: 3.19 uUI/ml (0.27-4.2)
Free T4: 0.98 ng/dl (0.98-1.63 for those between 18-20 years old)

“Your thyroid is fine.” I almost slap her. What an idiot. So, she thinks with such a high TSH and T4 at MINIMUM levels(I suspect the lab changed this value–it was probably lower and they pushed it up enough so that it was on the “normal” range), absolutely no libido, me being cold everywhere–at 18 years old-- is all normal. Also, LDL was a bit off.

I need to get married to say that i don’t have a sex drive. I need to have sex first to enjoy masturbation.

There is no test for hCG, unless you have an hCG secreting cancer.
With TRT, LH/FSH–>zero and that is that.

Testing HGH? That is best done as IGF-1. Do not test GH directly.

Well, life intervene, i still have to get those tests done. Need to call the center and see if the rX remains valiid. I still can’t believe the MD issued me 22g needles for IM instead of 29g SC, filling the syringe isn’t notably difficult…that perplexes me. Cool, thanks KSman.

So I thought my first endocrinologist was dum. Oh no compared to the one I saw yesterday he is genius.
Tsh is 3.6. 1. Takes a 10 sec ultrasound of thyroid says it’s fine.
2. Instead of taking blood pressure he ask how’s your blood pressure. I had him check it. I think he made up the reading after he reluctantly took it.
3. You should do resistance training to higher your t so we can lower your dosage. He seemed to dispute that my own production is shut down since an injecting.
4. Said no need to check reverse t3.
5. I told him about my basal temps I’ve taken. Had no answer to why my hands are cold did not care.
6. He asked me if an a health professional ( hint he does not like that I know stuff)
7. Close to punching him in the face before I left!
So far my urologist seems to be the best at trt. But I went to this endo for thyroid. Better yet his website has the word thyroid in it and he does not care for temps and reverse t3.