Stupid Things That Docs Do and Say

“You’re only 49. There’s no way you could have hormones problems. Just wait till you’re 60 and then we can run labs.”
Thanks…you are such a great help doc.

both endo and 2docs told me that 371ng/dl is perfectly fine for my age, im 28, also the endo told me last week that it was illegal to prescribe testosterone since my LH and FSH levels were normal (3.5-4)

Also my doc told me that e-consultation was for short questions and not for educating the doctor

After the very first blood work, the doctor at the time says: “I’ll get you on a MONTHLY shot of testosterone and see how you feel.”

-“Uhhh, bye.”

I went to my GP because of anxiety, low libido, ED, delayed orgasm and the feeling for the prior 6 months of a slow steady dull ache in my testes (also I am 5’10" and weighed 132lbs). He prescribed me buspar and xanax and told me it was good that I was going back to the shrink for my OCD. I agreed with his assessment and asked if he would order a testosterone test because that can cause some of the symptoms. He said at 34 I was too young for that to be a likely concern or issue but did so anyway. Test came back at 240ng/dl so he ordered a second which came back at 340. He said that seems low and referred me to a urologist because he admitted knows little about the subject. And ordered a ultrasound. This is where the smart stuff ends.

Urologist 1: Says “you no have cancer or infection I can no help you.” When asked about blood test results. “I see them you young, results go up and down. Go to gym, eat better.” Told him I go to the gym 3 days a week and do not eat fast food. “Oh you should go to gym less and gain weight.” What about the ache? “Take Motrin or Tylenol”. You left there pissed.

Urologist 2 looks at stack of blood work I already ordered included LH and FSH below reference range “Man I just cant understand your symptoms, I see you have OCD, have you tried like effexor to help with the sex drive?” “Delayed orgasm of 1.5 hours…wow your wife has to love that.” No she does not. “I bet you could find some girlfriends that would. Hey I’m sorry but I dont see how this is connected to low t, if I could see it how it was related I would not hesitate to help.”

Went back to GP after ordering Test, HCG and anastrazole. “Has it helped?” Never felt this good in my life “I dont feel comfortable with with prescribing that stuff because I dont know anything about it. Can I have a copy of the studies you are talking about?”

Endrocronolist - “Yeah you have low T, you come to office every 4 weeks for a shot.” No, I do that at home now weekly. “OK, you do it at home every 3 weeks 200mg”. I do that every week now, “OK every two weeks at home. You do not not HCG because you have big testicles so you have no problem. I only give that to people with normal to small testicles because they ache for them because not enough gravity to pull down in sack. You no need anastrazole, your E2 is ok (it was 30.2) and will go up no more.” /facepalm

Went to doc and complained about all the classic symptoms off low T and handed 2 x bloodwork that confirmed that I have T & FT below charts. After told him about depression (that is bc of not enough T) he said that maybe I had some kind of personality issue. Well, after all he prescribed Letrotzole to see if I could elevate T with that. 2,5 mg. Per day. 3 weeks later on phone with him: “you have issues with sleep and have no libido / erection? No way that Letro does that.”

Doc #2 (professor of endocrinology!) told me to ditch Letro alltogether (had been eating lower dose few months, still low E) and start Tostran 2 % with 9 pumps / day. After 2 weeks hit some kind of sweetspot about E. Then it skyrocketted and everything was shit, head was in bubble, didn’t remember a thing. Doc said that no way he was going to prescribe AI, that the only way to go is T and T only. He said that we must cut the dose (at that point had been using 4 pumps / day, lowest amount that I could somehow live with). Prescribed Nebido injections with 10 week interwall. Never started that.

But at the end found a good one:

Doc #3: “you are young (26), T + Hcg on low dose is good idea if you are going to get kids some day. Be careful, E might go high, I’ll scribe for Arimidex.”

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Please create your own thread and post lab results in list format with ranges. Keep all post re your case in that one thread so we can maintain context.

Where are you located? Affects your treatment and diagnostic options.

prolactin if <35
PSA if >40

  • if body temps are low - see last paragraph
  • TSH
  • fT3
  • fT4

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Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.

So this (previous, not my current) doctor I had seen about TRT had an interesting take. I was asking her about taking a-dex with Test cyp and HCG. She proceeds to tell me she doesn’t use a-dex. I said alright, what do you use to control estrogen? She says, “I don’t prescribe any anti-e drugs, I just lower the amount of test cap I am giving.”

This is the same doctor who told me that a guy at the bottom end of the testosterone reference scale is better off than a guy on TRT in the upper levels.

Good grief…out of all the great information and help that Kaman offers on here, his statement that many doctors are stupid regarding testosterone may be the most true statement of all.

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While many things have limits, stupidity is unbounded, probably also exceeds speed of light, which is possible because stupidity is massless. Stupidity may be the source of dark energy and accelerating expansion of the universe.


My regular doctor sent me to a eurologist because he said my T was low. Didn’t actually tell me the number of my T. So I went to this new doctor they had me answer some questions basically answered yes to everything that was a symptom of low T. Any before he enters my room I hear him say to someone “I’ll just tell him the treatment is $600 and watch him bugout” Then he enters my room says my T is 321 and that that is not really low but he can give me a prescription for Androgel but even with insurance it would be $600. Funny he would know what my insurance covers cause I didn’t also he doesn’t know me maybe $600 is a drop in the bucket. I told him I didn’t want Androgel cause I have a wife and daughter nad rather not risk transfering it to them. Anyway he said he could give me shots of T Cyp but asked if I was ok with giving myself a shot. I thought it was strange question but sent me of with a prescription no instruction on giving shots nothing. Said he wanted to see me in 3 months. Then when he was talking to the nurse she asked about a bunch of tests before my next appointment and he said not just testoterone.
I don’t know if he is just stupid or doesn’t think I need TRT and just wanted to make it hard. But he didn’t offer any other solutions or treatment besides lose weight which I’m already well aware off.

Went in for second blood test prior to second shot. I asked if I could have my E2 checked before going in. I received this note from my doctor as the nurse was preparing my injection:

“Pt is requesting further testing related to his testosterone level and fatigue. Estradiol levels are not normally tested in men for this diagnosis. (not a standard of care) Will likely not be covered by insurance and FM can not interpret results once completed.”

I read it and was utterly shocked and exclaimed, “This is wrong. It’s just not true. Could you ask her why this is not normally tested in men?” She leaves for about 2 minutes, comes back and says,“The doctor said because it’s a female hormone.”

My hand went over my mouth. I think it was either to keep from screaming or throwing up. The nurse, who is very nice says,“What? What’s the matter?” I say, “This is wrong. It’s just wrong. Incredibly wrong. Do you know what an enzyme is?” She says with a puzzled expression that it was in the body and she’s not ready for a quiz." I say, “An enzyme changes one chemical to another chemical, right?” So I go into this tirade about how men have estrogen, and how it’s produced in the male body, and why it’s so important to keep in check when on TRT. I must have sounded like a lunatic because she was reaching for the door handle.

You can’t make this stuff up people.


There are 110 post here and still going on strong!

I had the same problem I asked for E2 labs and the nurse practitioner told the assistant men don’t have high estradiol levels.

KSmanMar 28
While many things have limits, stupidity is unbounded, probably also exceeds speed of light, which is possible because stupidity is massless. Supidity may be the source of dark energy and accelerating expansion of the universe.

I think you meant “Dark Matter”. Also “Supidity” is not a word. When pointing out the “Stupidity” of others, it’s best not to demonstrate your own. I do find this mildly humorous though. One of the reasons Doctors are stupid is that their patients are stupid. They can get away with their stupidity because the people paying them are dumber than doornails. Poor education is the result of the right wing assault on science and education. A dumb populace is easier to control. Kansas is a good example KSman. I sure wouldn’t want to live there.

My doc said:
Low test cannot be treated and trt is only option
Injecting test does not cause shutdown
Injected test does not aromatase, estrogen not an issue despite low t and high e on bloods

Someone was looking for money and thought I was ignorant

Stupidity - Wikipedia - a existent word
Typo’s do exist, you can dwell on that.

Dark energy - Wikipedia - you assume that something that you do not know about does not exist because you are a know-it-all type of guy

Your knowledge of cosmology sucks: Cosmology - Wikipedia

I read books on such things.

“Kansas is a good example KSman. I sure wouldn’t want to live there.”
Your conceit is unbounded.


Stupidity may very well be the source of dark energy, but then can something without mass have energy? Maybe dark energy doesn’t require a mass? Is that why it’s ‘dark’, physical brings can’t perceive it?

Perhaps slightly too technical for a forum on stupid docs…

How did this contribute to the thread in any way?

“Exogenous Testosterone will aid in fertility. If your level is low naturally a testosterone medication will boost fertility” - clueless GP

Absolutely false!
But it might make you have a lot more and better sex and land more sperm, that is one delivery aspect of fertility.