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Stupid Things That Docs Do and Say

My pediatrician (to my mother): “Oh, it’s normal to have an undescended testicle, it’ll clear itself up.” It didn’t. I had an orchiopexy at age 19, about 17 years after the age that every knowledgeable physician recommends (cryptorchidism - undescended testicle(s) - should never persist past age 2). Now my right nut is the size of a grape and aches; I also have a good 2-4x higher probability of testicular cancer.

Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN)-trained Endocrinologist:

  • “Your thyroid is perfect” (TSH = 2.99)
  • “200mg every other week is the standard treatment for hypogonadism”
  • “I’m done running tests. You have low T, and I’m not sure of the cause, but let’s start you on treatment” (all he looked at was TSH–>High, LH–>Low, FSH–>Low, and a pituitary MRI–>nothing)
  • “” – regarding side effects of TRT. Yeah, my TRT-prescribing endo didn’t mention a single side-effect of TRT.

My PCP (just yesterday):

  • “No, you can’t pay out of pocket <for the tests that insurance wouldn’t cover>, it would cost you thousands!” The tests cost, at most, $72; the average test was about $34, minimum was around $12. There were fewer than 10 tests that I wanted run that he refused.
  • “Free T3 is a useless test. TSH is the best test there is for thyroid conditions. A TSH of 2.99 is just fine, and only ‘fringe clinics’ will tell you otherwise. My clinic, and every other major clinic - including the Mayo in Rochester - will tell you the same thing. You don’t have a thyroid condition.”
  • “Why do you want me to test Estradiol? That sounds pointless, but whatever, you can have the test if you really want.” I think he was getting sick of me pushing for tests…
  • “I am not going to test for ferritin or B-12, if you had issues with that we would see symptoms.” I have every negative symptom in the book, doc.
  • “You’ve only been on TRT for a week, you won’t notice any results for at least a month.” I was shot up with 200mg testosterone-enanthenate, a freaking massive dose, and I haven’t felt an ounce of a difference. Maybe he’s right that it’ll take longer for me for some reason, I don’t know, but it seems fishy.

Wait, it does? I’ve seriously never heard this. Are you sure about that one?

[quote]ShermanHemsley wrote:
“What kind of protein powder are you taking? Some have been shown to shut down testicular function.”


Uh, not as off as it seems…
Some were spiked with secret toy surprises…


heavy metals found in many proteins… maybe my doc was right?

My Story is very much similar, was prescribed TRT (Test E and HCG) 6 months ago by a Men’s clinic and now an AI. Recently went to my Family Dr to ask for some Thyroid tests (TSH, FT4, FT3)and revealed was on TRT and being monitored by the Dr. at the Clinic, he quickly said “you are too young for that, we need to get you off.” I am 33 years old and suffered with low T symptoms since I was 26 years old (always tested on the very bottom of the range).

Reading all of these things makes me think that these doctors have personality defects and a lack of personal regard and compassion.

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[quote]ShermanHemsley wrote:

heavy metals found in many proteins… maybe my doc was right?[/quote]

A year or 2 ago, they the FDA found steroids and other pharmaceuticals in several supplements (usually in low doses), but enough to get them pulled from the market and charges filed…

Some of the heavy metal finds were trace amounts (eas was one brand) but the actual amounts meant you’d get more exposure from tuna.

It’s funny how they have a double standard for health supplements then food, or even FDA approved drugs…

my doc seems clueless… with some of the things he suggest to me, so he says bring me some info and he will read it, so i’ll give him this book…(The Testosterone Syndrome)… would this be a good info sorce for him to read from?

That book is informative, and a good first read. But it does not have anything useful about E2 control and nothing about hCG.

can you guide me to a good book or any info to take to my doc. thanks

There isn’t a book that covers all of the bases. I have read a number of them. One problem is that any book written by a doctor is not going to discuss some things. Practicing doctors do not have freedom of speech. We can criticize doctors, the system, pharma companies etc; we have freedom of speech. I can’t see that a book can do what is needed without harsh criticisms.

Most books are simply describing existing bad practices. These practices are are often set in stone by the FDA approval process. Updating protocol recommendations for injected T would require new extremely expensive clinical trials and there is never any money for this when a product is generic. And a product insert for injected T will list E2 related side effects, the document will never discuss the whole T+AI+hCG picture.

And many doc’s will not consider anything that is not recommended dosing or protocols on FDA paper, or clinical research, or written by a medical professional. So the existing ignorance feeds on itself like a social disease.


My endocrinologist, about 20 minutes ago, on my voicemail: “You can’t be taking shots twice a week, that’s far too much testosterone. I think this is a really bad idea, you need to call me immediately.”

This is in response to a message I left with one of the front desk workers where I stated, at least 3 times, that I was taking 50mg/shot, 2 shots/wk… I think he thinks that I’m doing 200mg/shot, 2 shots/wk.

I’m actually pretty offended that he would think that I am that stupid.

[quote]Akaji wrote:
My endocrinologist, about 20 minutes ago, on my voicemail: “You can’t be taking shots twice a week, that’s far too much testosterone. I think this is a really bad idea, you need to call me immediately.”


This may take the cake so far…wow

heres a good quote,…my endo. doc. said that my injection of test. won’t show up in my blood work for at least 7 days, i said i think i read where it will show up in one day, he says stop reading on those steriod forums.

Figure this thread could use a good bump.

My GP in July 2010: Well your T is fine (372) and even though your E2 is a little high (48) it would have to be at least double that before you started seeing any symptoms…have you ever thought of losing weight? That would help your powerlifting, because fat doesn’t lift the weight.

Me: Well doc, if you remember correctly, my major symptom when I came in was that I can’t gain muscle and can’t lose fat…

GP: Oh yes, well, I think you have depression…take this scrript for Wellbutrin and you’ll be fine…

6 months later

Diagnosis: Testicular Cancer

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he really said that? damn, if i had a doc that said that to me and it was false i’d sue for malpratice. or

at least report him to the medical board…


The default quick and easy diagnosis is depression. I get my copay, I only have to spend less than 5 minutes with you, I give you a quick easy script, and I am able to move on to the next source of money (oh wait, I mean patient for whom I care deeply about and am truly concerned about their long term health and well being… NOT).

I would ask everyone to post who has ever heard a doctor tell them they may be depressed, but I am sure that the response would be overwhelming. It would be easier to ask people to raise their hand if they have NEVER had doctor diagnose them with depression.

Doctor, urology - endocrinology major university hospital many publications and he has reviewed and approved a report from another hospital about treatment protocol which basically contradicts his own opinions during the session with me.

First he said he knows whats wrong with me totally ignoring my symptoms, and that it is depression and anxiety causing it, prescribing cialis. ( I know for a fact I had an injury that cut testosterone in half)

When I tried to explain to him that you have to see the testosterone test as a confidence interval, meaning a normal distribution on a population (including really sick and old people) where 2.5% is in the lowest part, 95% in majority and 2.5% in the extreme top (I myself do biomedicine analysis in my work) and that 350 ng/dl(12nmol/L) is way to low for a 29 year old its 2500 of 100000 males with those values, he said: I’m discussing with my colleague because we are together on the endocrinology board here as well and we want to lower the limit to 11 nmol/L (316,8 ng/dl). He refused any further blood tests and said we was done with eachother (I waited 3 months for this appointment).

There are no anti aging clinics in my country and only 5% of the male population gets treatment that includes HIV and testicle cancer patients. 40-50% of women seeking help for menopause get hormones. And testosterone is regarded as a death drug here.

This doctor has a 5-6 figure salary.

Went for a blood test to just check my Thyroid levels after being on a higher dose for 3 months. GP (female).
Her: Who thought of this great idea to get thyroid tests?
Me: I want to check if I am dosing correctly or I need to adjust.
Her: Thyroid issues is what women have you are male.

I get the feeling with all the supplements like DHEA being banned around the world and the difficulty in getting treatment for testosterone deficiency etc… Is all in the favor of the government.

Live a shorter life, government saves on paying out pensions.
If the government was so concerned about your well being, alcohol & smokes would have all been banned decades ago. But no, it is a great money revenue business, people die earlier so they are in a win win situation.

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This female Endo told me I didn’t have low test, because test fluxuates and 200 4 days out wasn’t low WTF!!! She also told me she wouldn’t give me scripe and that I wouldn’t live as long on test theraphy REALLY LOL in her face and I said I can have sex like a 25 year old, and lift like a 25 year old total B.S.!!!

Get this then she tells me well you do look good WTF!!! She said quit taking test and see me in 3 months I said I doubt it and I can get test from juice heads at Gym…

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My doc told me having DHT out of range low was “good, the lower the better”.

My doc is also mystified why I have erection issues at age 26.