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Stupid Things That Docs Do and Say


A great idea! Post stories of stupid doctor things. Lets not get into tangents discussing why they are stupid or technical explanations. We have been posting these things for years, time for dedicated collection.

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Docs that will not prescribe Arimidex because it is a female cancer drug.

Docs who prescribe Arimidex at 1mg/day. [The dose for female breast cancer.]

And we had one pharmacist to refused to fill a script for Arimidex because it was a cancer drug.


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One of my doctors said that the double-blind placebo controlled study I was showing him was faulty because one of the doctors (it was about Arim) was the inventor/developer of Arimidex and the doc was simply out for the money. Wish I had saved the study so you could see it -- it was done at Massachusetts General or something like that.

While I agree that most are simply money grabbers, I doubt a doc would risk his rep in a peer reviewed journal and publish a scam.

This local doc btw is the best I can find. Srs...


" Why should I test for Estradiol? There's absolutely no reason to test for that, but I can assure you it has nothing to do with your swollen feet."


LOL! I must have a dozen stories like this.

One famous doc in a certain city in Michigan told me, when my E from the ultra-sensitive came in at 9 times the max, refused me an AI. Instead he said he was cutting my T dose.

When I asked him to explain why, he exploded in rage. Too many roids I guess...


"Here, slap this Androderm patch on you and you are good to go. No - there is no need to do any other tests, to see what else is wrong with you, or to find out why you have low T. You just have low T, it happens. This patch will cure everything for you. It works 100% of the time."

"I am not sure why you are not feeling any better. Your test results (from the extremely limited set of panels I ran) all came back 'within range' so it must just be in your head. Come back in six months and we will run the exact same tests, and if you still don't feel good, we can look at anti-depressants."

"Stick your arm straight out to the side while I hold these supplements you are taking to your belly button. If they are harmful to you, then you will not be able to hold your arm up when I push down on it.... hmmm, it seems that these two are good for you, but I am not sure about these other three. Luckily I just so happen to have a line of supplements that we sell here at my office that per 'my test' would work much better for you."

"I only do shots in my office. I prefer to give them biweekly. BTW, I charge $90 for one 200mg shot."


Wow, you sound about as lucky as me. I get angry at docs who do this stuff.


there have got to be hundreds and thousands of stories out there.

I think most of us can easily relate with the stories at sttm if you simply change thyroid for testosterone.



Think of all the lives that are ruined because of this.

I went to my doctor beacuse of libido and erection problems (I am 22).
She recomended me a walk in the woods.


A private (breast specialist) doctor told me multi vitamins, protein powder and creatine caused and then worsened gynecomastia. He then weighed me, got his height/ weight chart out and told me I should weigh 155-LB's (didn't specify a BF) because I was 190 at the time, at approximately 15-17% body fat, though he didn't measure my body fat, this guy was a die hard scales and weight to height chart kind of guy.

Then billed me £130 (ten years ago) what a banker! Probably the best £130 I've ever spent (not) but be grateful readers because I'm disclosing this information for free to you all!


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His ego was the size of his attitude, and he made it very clear that he felt I was wasting his time, I virtually had to beg my GP to refer me to this tosser. £130 is a lot of money to take of a 20 year old for nothing.

I trust you have a height to weight chart BBB? I'm going to need to see it before I can trust you to look at my back again! LMFAO! I don't need to see university certificates, the sign of a competent practitioner is a shiny new height to weight chart, I bet Professor X has one :wink:


So I go to an Endo today because I have normal blood sugar levels but extremely high Insulin levels and low Thyroid. At first they were cued in on my insulin levels and agreed I could supplement my Thyroid. Then I told them everything I was doing for TRT which is basically the standard protocol per the stickies and monitored by Dr. O. Who has got me on the right track. They instantly dropped all discussion about why I was sent there and proceeded to tell me that what I was doing is not the correct cocktail she called it for TRT.

I told her that I could provide a handful of medical documentation that would prove her otherwise and that wasn't why I was here so lets talk about my insulin. Nope we need to get you on just Testosterone at 400mg once a month no HCG it's just for women and no AI estrogen shouldn't be an issue. I said NO!! This is the University Medical Center and Your still practicing ancient protocols. I gave her the name of a book The Testosterone Syndrome told her to read it it's by someone just like you and asked for my copay back. I didn't get it but I sure made an impression on the Med Student. Maybe he'll get curious and look further into his study.


Hey we have a new one...from fastersteve.


Saw him again on Monday for a referral to an Endo.

Now he says he likes treating me because he learns something new...that's kinda' scary to me.

So we're talking about T aromatising into E and he say if we stop the T treatment I won't have any issues with E. Palm/Head!!

At least he admits he's clueless about the subject. He also laments that Drs that figure these things out don't publish it to share with the rest of the profession.


A new one from an Endo I was referred to...

"Your testosterone levels are WAY too high (799), we need to cut your dose in half. Why are you even on T shots?"

Because my test came back at 202...

That's normal, you don't need to take T shots!



Doc 1 : Taking testosterone will not lower sperm count.
Doc 1 : It takes over one month to notice any testosterone effects (lol try 15 minutes)

And pretty much every other thing I've heard come out of doctors mouths has been complete bullcrap.


Doc 1 : Taking testosterone will not lower sperm count.
Doc 1 : It takes over one month to notice any testosterone effects (lol try 15 minutes)
Everyone: Testosterone will not shrink your penis
And pretty much every other thing I've heard come out of doctors mouths has been complete bullcrap.


"What kind of protein powder are you taking? Some have been shown to shut down testicular function."