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Stupid Things Personal Trainers Say


I'm not talking about the real trainers like thib and such.I'm speaking of guys that train at places like 24 hour etc.

Squats are bad for your knees.
Too much protein will ruin you kidneys
Bench is bad for your shoulders
"That exercise isn't functional"
"you don't wanna get too big"
"machines are safer"

I've heard the trainer in my gym say this stuff to people. I stopped chiming in a while ago. BTW he has no muscle on his body what so ever..cracks me up. Shouldn't a trainer at least have ALITTLE muscle.


After my very first attempt Deadlifting 500 conventional for reps. A trainer walked pass my workout partners and up to me and said. "Your big enough you need to cut up now". We laughed becuase he was joking...NOPE. He then went on to tell me what to do to get ready for Beach Season.


"high reps to tone"
"high reps light weight to cut"
"Kickbacks for tris"
"everything heavy is dangerous"
"Squats are bad for your knees"
"Too much protein will ruin you kidneys"
"Bench is bad for your shoulders"
"That exercise isn't functional"
"you don't wanna get too big"
"machines are safer"
"rolling your shoulders when you shrug uses more muscles"
"creatine is like steroids, but without side effects"

followed by:
"creatine is bad for your kidneys"

"if your shoulder hurts it's a rotator cuff injury"


"Payment needs to be paid before workout."


"That's what a clean is!"

EDIT: He said this after watching me do a clean and asking me what that was.


Awesome thread... really original


one of the trainers at my gym tells everyone.

"when you bench dont touch your chest, you'll cheat" and "dont lockout your reps it only uses your triceps"

so on any given day you will find people benching and coming withen 6-12 inches from there chest, while also staying 6-12 inchest from lockout. its this crazy limbo between speed reps and half bench that involves moving a bar 6 inches up and down in the middle of a rep.

"deep squatting will ruin your knees" "you should go to parallel"

unfortunately parallel to most of these guys is barelly a quarter squat


No kidding. Let's start making threads that bash every profession. Lawyers, doctors, carpenters, plumbers, yeah that'd be fun


Most of them just chat shit in general I just switch off when they open their mouth most of them are school drop outs. I know that in the uk you dont even have to have a clue to start the course which is 9 days long then you can give your 'professional' advice;hell I even know people that have woke up the day the course starts never setting foot in a gym turning up and getting qualified.They give good trainers a bad image in my opinion.


a trainer said that to you?


If it's not a thread you like why bother replying? Just move along. Do you feel you have to respond to every thread?


"i don't trust free weights."

apparently he closed he eyes and fell backward, and the free weights didn't catch him.


"dead lifts are bad for your back"


I've never said any of those things. Let's not be racists here. We trainers are not all ignorant.


It seems that everybody always pays attention to the bad trainers, but not the good ones. The trainers at my gym seem like they know their shit, but i hardly pay attention to them.


yes, actually I do


free weight....? Oh you mean the Smith machine.....
no i mean freeeee weeeiiighhht where everything is your own strength...uses and works your stabilizer muscles...eh..
Go do your weightless lunges


Bally Total Fitness ftl.


I am a personal trainer and have never let such filth leave my mouth. I have my own business and change lives every day. I am college educated and never stop learning. I must say that when I worked at the YMCA I did hear this a lot from some of the other trainers they hired. To be a trainer at that Y all you had to do was a weekend certification class with ACE.


Please, don't make recite some of the things I've heard personal trainers. It... it hurts too much.