Stupid Stuff I Do for Attention

Hey Cav, long time. I teach Krav Maga out here is Kansas.

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Section 1:
12 min emom
Odd minutes- Farmers carry to grip failure (245lb using 2" grip handle on trap bar)
Even minutes- 10 trap bar deads

Section 2:
5 rounds
30 sec KB swing 50lbs
6 deadlifts 285/335/355/355/355
45 sec plank

Section 3:
3 rounds
Finisher (do not put the bar down)
6 Snatch grip deadlifts 235lbs
10 snatch grip shrugs
hold to failure

Friday I woke up not feeling well, didn’t lift, yesterday sore throat but did eek out my accessory work. Today full on fall allergy chest congestion, stuffy nose, sore throat, you get the picture.

Bought a new GHD last week so I added that to my accessory work which was kind of dumb in hindsight since today was deadlift day.

Not going to lie I cheated on the first section (sort of) the point was to go to grip failure, by using the 2" grip handles on my trap bar grip failed faster.


Section 1:
8 rounds
6 pull ups
3 seated OHP 95/115/125/135/155/155/155/155
6 full contact twists

Section 2:
3 rounds 95lbs
6 tempo press (4/4/4)
20 sec hold at the top
10 pin press
20 second hold at the top

Section 3:
4 lightish rounds (20lb dbs)
10 semi supinated db press
30 sec waiter walk
10 shrugs with 2 sec hold at the top
30 sec hold at the top

As far as this training goes, this was pretty “easy” my shoulders are fried.
Still dealing with a lot of chest congestion, been stacking Mucinex D with Claritin which helps a bit.
I’ve got a rank test coming up here in a few months so I may switch off this training to a more cardio based training OR keep doing this and add some more conditioning based training. Not sure at this point if I’m even going to test due to injury, my ego says yes, my body says “you’re an idiot”


Officially sick. Chest congestion, sinus infection, my whole face feels like a balloon, the whole nine.
I tried to lift today and thought I was going to die.

Section 1:
3 sand bag pick 1 sec hold
7 sand bag squat
50ft walk
as many rounds as possible in 10 min.
I got 4 rounds, the weight was light, the reps easy I just couldn’t catch my breath.

Section 2:
3 sandbag over the shoulder
4 front squats
90 second plank

This is where I decided this was stupid. I did one round stood there for 5 minutes trying to catch my breath. No reason to get pneumonia or just die in the driveway.
Going to try to get to the minute clinic for some antibiotics.

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Allergies. We had a pipe burst in the basement a few weeks ago, we got it stopped but the plumber couldn’t get out for 4 days so there is some mold in the air which is kicking my ass.
I had the covid a couple times, this is different.

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Gotcha. Hope you get to feeling better.

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Section 2:
5 rounds giant set
6- eccentric db rows (7 second eccentric exploded up) 65/75/80/100/100
5- bench press 185/205/215/220/220
6- Pallof press (blue band)

Section 3:
4 rounds
30 sec single arm DB row (left) heavy 80/80/100/100
30 sec single arm DB row (right) ^^
30 sec rest
30 low incline DB press 80/80/60/60
1 min rest

Still feel like crap but had to at the very least get in the lifting portion. Rest periods were higher than prescribed just so I could maximize efforts and catch my breath.
I skipped the first section which was sandbag over bag 5 reps for a 10min emom. No way I could have gotten that done with all this congestion, sucks because thats one of my favorites.


Section 1:
9 min emom
Farmers carry 245lbs total on trap bar
repeat 3 times

Section 2:
8 rounds
2 sandbag over shoulder
3 rack pulls 225/275/315/365/405/455/455/455
20 hollow rocks

Section 3:
4 rounds (10 min max) do not let go of the bar
5 Pendlay rows
5 barbell rows
5 deadlift rows

Feeling so much better, still got a bit of chest congestion holding on but I was able to deal with it, felt about 90%.

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Section 1:
6 round
3 pullups
4 seated OHP 95/105/115/145/155/155
20 GHD crunches

Section 2:
3 rounds
Zercher press
as many reps as possible, rest just long enough to catch breath repeat 3 times and 3 rounds
95lbs 20/16/10
95lbs 15/8/6
75lbs 20/10/6

Section 3:
Seated lock out holds
30 seconds hold
rest 1 min
repeat as many times as possible in 10min

So section 2 I made up because it wanted me to go from Z press to standing OHP to push press which I can’t really do with my low ceilings in the garage. I could have carried the weight outside but that’d be a pain so I just bastardized an old DC finisher and called it good.

Yesterday I learned something, even though a sandbag is easy to lift grabbing it with finger tips alone is a bad idea. I grabbed the 180lb bag, instead of putting my whole hand under the bag, just grabbed it with the tips of my fingers, when I heard a pop in the tip of my middle finger. At the time didn’t think much of it, today it’s very tender, don’t think it’s broken just a reminder.

Also I’m able to do actual pull ups now, been doing them assisted one way or another. I’d say that’s a solid testament to program for a guy who is 260lbs to be able to do actual pull ups, most I tried was 5, they were pretty easy.


Section 1:
5 rounds
30 sec KB swings 60lbs
5 paused box squat 195/235/285/325/325
5 med ball jumps 20lbs ball
45 sec wall sit

Section 2:
10min EMOM
3 split squats right foot
3 split squats left foot

Section 3:
as many rounds in 10min
Medium sandbag carry
5 squats 5 steps 5 squats 5 steps until you reach 50 ft
Only got 3 rounds

Stupid chest congestion got me today, stuff just lingers even though I feel good, I have a hard enough time breathing while carrying a sandbag without a lung full of snot.

Section 2 was actually supposed to be 2 separate 10 min EMOMs one for the right foot then the left, due to time and the fact it was only 3 reps I just combined them. Used my Rogue rhino belt squat to do them, I love this thing while stupid expensive it’s the most versatile device in my gym.


Section 1:
Heavy sandbag 180lbs’ish
Play the song call Flower by Moby [Moby - Flower (Gone in 60 sec) - YouTube]
Every time they say bring Sally up, pick up the bag, every time they say bring Sally down put it down for the entire 3:25 song.
It’s pretty much impossible to keep up, I think I got around 20 reps.

Section 2:
8 rounds
5-DL rows using open trap bar 155/205/205/205/205/205/205/205
3- flat bench 185/195/205/225/235/255/275/265 (last 2 sets were only 2 reps)
7 dragon flies

Section 3:
Tempo bench 4/4/4/4
5 reps 185
4 reps 195
3 reps 210
2 reps 225
1 rep 235

So…I’ve never had a reason to hate Moby until today, while it’s a catchy tune it’s a mofo trying to pick that bag up that fast, I pretty much just kept picking the damn thing up until the song was over.
Am I the only person who just has always sucked at bench press? I remember 10 years ago squatting in the 5’s and pulling around 600 but could maybe bench 300. Must be my Orangutan arms or something.
Chest feels pretty clear today, wasn’t at all winded. Good week of training, I’m glad it’s over.


Yesterday- Monday 9/5/22

Section 1:
Max 50ft farmers carry
Worked up to 405lbs total using a trap bar

Section 2:
7 rounds
2 deadlifts work to max 155/205/245/335/385/425/475
30 sec RPK plan

Section 3:
10 Min EMOM
ODD minutes
20 sec RDL
20 sec shrugs
20 sec rest

Even minutes
20 sec snatch grip deadlift
20 sec snatch grip shrug
20 sec rest

Felt pretty good and could have gone heavier on both the farmer carry and deadlifts but I’m still leery of my hip and figured these numbers were pretty decent all things considered.


Today- Tuesday 9/6/22

Section 1:
8 rounds
10 chin ups
3 z press 95/105/115/125/130/145/150/150
30 single arm DB hold 40/45/50/55/60/60/60/60

Section 2:
10 min EMOM
3 push press 4 second eccentric 135lbs

Section 3:
5 rounds
Same weight for all exercises back to back to back
10 db OHP 20’s/15’s/10’s
100ft lock out walk
10 push press

By the last section my shoulders were trashed, I couldn’t finish even with the 10lb db’s my left shoulder was not having any of it.

For section 2 I decided to drag a bar into the driveway and do actual push press. Since I don’t really do cleans and don’t really have a way to hold the bar higher I went with 135lbs which turned out to be just fine, the last 2 sets were pretty rough.


Some good DLing right there.

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Section 1
10 min EMOM
4 sprawls to bag
50 ft heavy sand bag carry

Well, I broke myself. Last week I tweaked my back racking a squat, nothing serious obviously I finished the week and the last 2 days. Today I finished off my back by of all things doing a sprawl. In Krav Maga I’ve done 1000’s of burpees/sprawls no issues, must have been some freak thing. I managed to finish the EMOM but the last 2 sets did no sprawls. Tried to squat to a box, just the bar kills me. I’m sitting here with an ice pack and 600mil of Ibuprofen hating life.

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Section 1:
10min EMOM
100 ft farmer work 210lbs total

Section 2:
8 rounds
30sec KB swing with 40lb throw bag
10 glute ham raises
10 barbell roll outs

I can’t leave well enough alone. My back is still not great, doing better but not 100%. Decided I was going to do as much as I can without making anything worse, even the slightest tinge and I’d stop.
I substituted GHR for deadlifts and skipped the 3 burpees in before each farmers walk. I use a Kabuki open trap bar for farmers walks, the low side has 2" grips so even the lower weight was hard on my forearms.
Section 3 was to be all deadlifts for 6 sets of 30 seconds, wasn’t about to chance it.
Yesterday I did some weak spot work, nothing serious some curls, face pulls, hip rehab and reverse hypers again nothing to hurt my back.


Section 1:
6 rounds to find new OHP max
3 weighted or 6 BW pull ups (for me bodyweight is weighted lol)
1 seated strict PIN press 95/135/155/165/185/205fail
4 barbell overhead side bends

Section 2:
as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes (I got 5)
4 wide grip pull ups
8 neutral grip standing DB press
15 PU
12 face pulls green band

Section 3:
10 min EMOM
ODD minutes 100ft crucifix carry 15lb dbs
EVEN minutes 10 DB Arnold press

Really thought I had 205, guess not, couldn’t get the momentum off the pins. Probably should have tried 195.
Backs feeling better today, hopefully by Thursday I’ll be ok.

Military miracle drug. We use to have large bottles of 800mg Motrin just sitting on the shelves in the barracks,

I hear that from a lot of my military friends, I should get a bottle for all the aches and pains I have all the time lol.

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