Stupid Stuff I Do for Attention

I’m back you bunch of old bastards! lol
Some of you may remember me for years ago, training like a wanna be powerlifter, well now I’m old and just trying to stay functional and NOV.

A while back I started doing a bit I called stupid shit I do for attention, basically lots of strong man style, HITT, GPP stuff, still lifting moderate weight and working around injuries.

A few weeks ago Brian Alsruhe posted this on his youtube channel, I feel in love with the idea. It’s exactly what I was doing only to 11. If you want a killer workout buy the book and follow along, it’s fun…like roofing a house in July kind of fun.

I’m going to omit some details of the program so I don’t just hand out his work for free but you’ll get the gist.
I’m into week 2 now, not only am I doing it but my wife and 13 year old are busting ass.

Section 1:
3 squats with 150lb sandbag, carry 50ft repeat every minute on the minute. Supposed to be a body weight bag but you gotta a strong MOFO to do this with a 260lb bag. (maybe one day)

Section 2:
repeat 4 times
5 25lb KB snatch per hand
6 Front squats 95/105/115/125
30 sec plank

Section 3:
5 min non stop single leg step ups with 20lb dbs

Not going to lie, about midway through the second round of section 2 I thought I might die. Pretty much every training day I feel like I might die after, it would be a satisfying death…


Welcome back, and good luck!

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week 2 day 4

Had to work in the middle of the night last night so I didn’t sleep much, really wanted to skip this morning but didn’t.

10 min EMOM
3 burpees
150lb sandbag over the shoulder

Section 2:
3 rounds (light weight)
8reps bent rows 155/185/185
8 reps flat bench 155/185/185
8 band twists

section 3:
4 rounds (12min EMOM) heavy’ish
A: 5 reps close grip bench 155/155/155
5 pull ups
B: 15 neutral grip DB bench 50/50/50
5 pull ups
C: 20 seconds triceps banded extension

forearms are killing me from the bag toss but it’s getting a lot easier.


Sunday morning accessory/weak spot work.

2 rounds
20 hammer curls
10 concentration curls
10 high cable curls

Posterior delts
3 rounds
10 reverse flies
10 banded facepulls (green band)

3x15 Standing leg curls

Hip work-
4x15 Band around hips (pulling back) KB deadlift
Fire hips through

4x10 each Internal/external band extensions

Reverse hypertension
4x10 230lbs

40lb strongman bag toss
4 reps just cause

I tore the labrum in my left hip, only have 30% still attached. Doc said give up martial arts which isn’t happening so I’m working very hard to strengthen the hip joint. I’m almost a black belt (brown 1) and just need the hip to hold up another year or so then I can slow down.

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Good luck!
Be somewhat careful with this plan: if you’re already injured, doing more on that hip is also more west and tear on already compromised tissue.

You are correct about that. I talked to my physical therapist who said that as long as I’m not stupid the heavy carries should help stabilize the joints better than traditional lifting alone. I’m running with that but trying to be smart.

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Awesome! I’m glad you’re logging this too. I think Brian’s programs always look great, and I I always throw him the $25, but I never like actually running them - too much stress to hold onto the circuit equipment or something for my brain. Anyway, awesome to see you go!

It would be hard to do his programs in a commercial gym. Last year I built a garage gym so I can take up as much as I need lol. Down side is weather, it can be super hot or cold. My hope is to insulate the garage for some kind of HVAC.

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