Stupid Stuff I Do for Attention

I’m back you bunch of old bastards! lol
Some of you may remember me for years ago, training like a wanna be powerlifter, well now I’m old and just trying to stay functional and NOV.

A while back I started doing a bit I called stupid shit I do for attention, basically lots of strong man style, HITT, GPP stuff, still lifting moderate weight and working around injuries.

A few weeks ago Brian Alsruhe posted this on his youtube channel, I feel in love with the idea. It’s exactly what I was doing only to 11. If you want a killer workout buy the book and follow along, it’s fun…like roofing a house in July kind of fun.

I’m going to omit some details of the program so I don’t just hand out his work for free but you’ll get the gist.
I’m into week 2 now, not only am I doing it but my wife and 13 year old are busting ass.

Section 1:
3 squats with 150lb sandbag, carry 50ft repeat every minute on the minute. Supposed to be a body weight bag but you gotta a strong MOFO to do this with a 260lb bag. (maybe one day)

Section 2:
repeat 4 times
5 25lb KB snatch per hand
6 Front squats 95/105/115/125
30 sec plank

Section 3:
5 min non stop single leg step ups with 20lb dbs

Not going to lie, about midway through the second round of section 2 I thought I might die. Pretty much every training day I feel like I might die after, it would be a satisfying death…


Welcome back, and good luck!

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week 2 day 4

Had to work in the middle of the night last night so I didn’t sleep much, really wanted to skip this morning but didn’t.

10 min EMOM
3 burpees
150lb sandbag over the shoulder

Section 2:
3 rounds (light weight)
8reps bent rows 155/185/185
8 reps flat bench 155/185/185
8 band twists

section 3:
4 rounds (12min EMOM) heavy’ish
A: 5 reps close grip bench 155/155/155
5 pull ups
B: 15 neutral grip DB bench 50/50/50
5 pull ups
C: 20 seconds triceps banded extension

forearms are killing me from the bag toss but it’s getting a lot easier.


Sunday morning accessory/weak spot work.

2 rounds
20 hammer curls
10 concentration curls
10 high cable curls

Posterior delts
3 rounds
10 reverse flies
10 banded facepulls (green band)

3x15 Standing leg curls

Hip work-
4x15 Band around hips (pulling back) KB deadlift
Fire hips through

4x10 each Internal/external band extensions

Reverse hypertension
4x10 230lbs

40lb strongman bag toss
4 reps just cause

I tore the labrum in my left hip, only have 30% still attached. Doc said give up martial arts which isn’t happening so I’m working very hard to strengthen the hip joint. I’m almost a black belt (brown 1) and just need the hip to hold up another year or so then I can slow down.


Good luck!
Be somewhat careful with this plan: if you’re already injured, doing more on that hip is also more west and tear on already compromised tissue.

You are correct about that. I talked to my physical therapist who said that as long as I’m not stupid the heavy carries should help stabilize the joints better than traditional lifting alone. I’m running with that but trying to be smart.

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Awesome! I’m glad you’re logging this too. I think Brian’s programs always look great, and I I always throw him the $25, but I never like actually running them - too much stress to hold onto the circuit equipment or something for my brain. Anyway, awesome to see you go!

It would be hard to do his programs in a commercial gym. Last year I built a garage gym so I can take up as much as I need lol. Down side is weather, it can be super hot or cold. My hope is to insulate the garage for some kind of HVAC.


Section 1: “light”
10 min EMOM
150ft farmers carrier
110lbs per hand or 220 total used my trap bar.

Section 2: Heavy
5 rounds
3 sandbag over the shoulder
5 deadlifts up to 75-80% 1RM (lol nope) 225 for all rounds

Section 3: DNF

This program seems to find new ways to tell me I’m weak and pathetic lol. This morning was farmers carrier 150ft with 60% of you 1RM. 150ft doesn’t seem like that far until you realize it’s actually 50 yards, half a football field…This kicked my ass sideways, even though I didn’t think the weight was that heavy at first. My hands and forearms were trashed going into section 2.

This weekend I realized my 150lb sandbag had stretched a bit and thought it would be a good idea to fill the bag up, you know maybe add 10-20lbs, shouldn’t really notice…I NOTICED! During round 4 I lost all motor skills and couldn’t get the bag up so I switched to the one my son uses which is about 80lbs, it still sucked.

Ran out of time to attempt section 3:

So I’m taking away a positive even though I didn’t “perform” how I thought I should, I pushed my body to another level and came away having more respect for strongmen.


Some of you all might remember this guy, he just turned 13 at the end of April.

100lb sandbag, I took some weight out after this because it was a bit much.

Section 1:
4 rounds
A: 10 pull ups
B: 6 strict press 95/115/145/155
C: 8 landmine rotations

Section 2:
10 min total time
OHP lock outs hold 30 sec rest 1min repeat

Section 3:
Light weight Z press
as many reps as possible in 20 seconds rest 10 seconds repeat for 12 rounds or 6 min
Tried to get 5 reps per round with 75lbs

This was a little hard to set up in a home gym with low ceilings, I had to do everything seated instead of standing so I couldn’t do exactly want was asked. Even with all that it was still an ass kicker.

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Today was an off day so I did some rehab stuff. Lots of banded joint stretches, hip stability work etc.
Last night we did a lot of double leg take down stuff which for some reason the shooting angle bothers my hip a lot however it wasn’t as bad, hopefully the joint is getting stronger and I can start actually doing them for real. Hip tosses also bother is, we’ll see about those later.

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Woke up feeling beat up, literally wanted to skip today, probably should have but I did the best I could today. I feel like each section could be it’s own workout, the first section kicks my ass every freaking time.

Section 1:
10 min EMOM relay
50ft 150lb bag carry
50ft 140lb per hand farmer carry
rest the remainder of the minute like 25 seconds

Section 2: where I bitched out ended up just doing the squats.
paused box squats 4x8 245lbs

Section 3: lol yeah right.

This program is wearing on me, I’m falling asleep within seconds of touching the pillow. Starting to wonder if I need to up my calories due to the work load but I’m also not really losing weight. Hell I don’t know.

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Yeah buddy! Friday!!! End of Mesocycle 1!

Section 1:
4 rounds
1:00 max reps bag over bar 52’’
2:00 rest
150ish lb bag
Reps 4/5/4/4

Section 2:
5 rounds
5 deadlift rows 185/215/215/215/215
5 bench press 185/205/215/225/225
30 second plank (I misread it’s supposed to be side plank 30 seconds each side)

Section 3:
8 pin press (at sticking point)
8 push ups
7 pin press
7 push up
rest repeat until it’s 1 and 1

Felt good today was a little slow on the bag toss but I’m learning how to manipulate it and what works when picking it up, it’s getting easier.
I’d never done deadlift rows before so I found a weight that wasn’t easy but I could do without worrying to much about form breaking down and hurting myself. Next time they show up I’ll go heavier.
Lastly I’m a dumb ass, ordered a new Serberus sandbag and mistakenly ordered the 260lber instead of the 220. I put 200lbs of sand in it and filled the rest with crumb rubber which should be around 230. The plan is to play with it until I can either lift it as prescribed or punt and order the lighter bag. Probably should have sent it back but hopefully one day I can use it. We shall see.


Sunday I did some weak point stuff, nothing worth mentioning.

Section 1:
5 rounds
50ft single hand farmers carry (100lb dumbbell)
sprint back
50ft sandbag carry (150ish lb bag)
sprint back
50ft single hand farmers carry (100lb dumbbell)

Section 2:
6 rounds
4 box jumps- high as possible (I have a 24’’ box)
4 deadlifts- 365/365/365/365/415x3
40 sec plank

So the 150lb bag is becoming pretty easy to pick up, still a bitch to run with, probably going to try the big boy soon.
Deadlifts were supposed to work up to 90% 1RM I haven’t pulled really heavy since I hurt my hip so I stayed light until the last set where I want to test things a bit. 415 went up fast and easy the first 2 reps the 3rd was effort so I stopped there, hip felt ok but I could tell I was poking the bear.
Lastly I need to get up a bit earlier so I can get through all 3 sections. This program is only supposed to take and hour, problem with a small home gym is moving everything around to make room to do the next thing, takes time, I need to start like 20min earlier.


So yesterday was a bit of a shit show, I worked from 2:30AM until almost 9pm with no breaks or even a shower, something that was supposed to take 2hrs turned into an all day event, which meant no lifting. Since I missed yesterday and today was supposed to be an off day I made it up this morning.

Section 1:
5 rounds
9 close grip chin ups
5 seated over head press 95/115/125/135/155
10 hyper extended sit ups on GHD
rest only long enough to change weight, supposed to be 90sec but I wanted to be done.

Section 2:
10min EMOM
4 paused pin press
135/135/135/135/135 dropped to 115 for the last 5

Section 3:
4 rounds
5 single arm KB press left hand (40lb KB for all)
100ft KB waiters walk left hand
10 pull ups
5 single arm KB press right hand
100ft KB waiters walk right hand
90 sec rest


Today was the first day of school for my 3 boys. Here’s me in an old school TN shirt midworkout sending my best good lifting buddy off to the first day of 8th grade.

Section 1:
8 rounds
3 box jumps
3 paused box SSB squats 195/235/285/325/325/325/325/325
12 deadbugs

Section 2:
3 mins squats 145lbs x50
3 min rest
2 mins squats 145lbx25
2min rest
1min squats 145lbsx19

Section 2 was brutal. Even getting in the gym early I had to skip the last section seeing the boys off to school. I plan to make that up this afternoon when I train my wife.

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Came back at lunch to finish section 3.

program was carry a bodyweight sandbag
100 ft
150 ft
200 ft
repeat until you can’t.

I couldn’t. I used my 150ish lb bag and carried it 50ft at a time up to 150 then apparently warmed up enough to carry it back 100ft without stopping. Maybe I’m just weak sauce but I kept getting light headed the first 3 carries. Needless to say I’m sore AF now and I have to teach 3 classes tonight.

What do you teach?