Stupid Shoulder, Squats/Bench

Hey guys, before I go into detail I want to make it clear that I’ve done some research on the topic and have been doing a few recommended exercises for this.

The Gist: As of late, whenever I squat, I seem to injure my right shoulder. It used be both, but since clearing up my bench form and my overall posture, the pain went away and I could squat without issues. I’ve read about bencher’s shoulders, squatters shoulders, rotator cuffs etc. The funny thing is, my left arm should be the one hurting, as it looks like I drag it through the jungles looking for bananas. All of a sudden, after sets of squat, I get this terrible dull ache in my shoulder that radiates down into my elbow and wrist. It shakes violently whenever I try to drink my water or write in my log. I have to drive home with one arm (which I do anyway, but the pain is a distraction). I do “Shoulder dislocations”, “YTWL’s”, and some chest/shoulder stretches prior to squatting, but nothing seems to help. Also, ,my grip is already super wide, with a false grip and only the index and middle fingers on the bar, so I can’t go any wider. Anyone else experience this? It usually clears up within a week, and my bench press session yesterday made me think I was good to go… :frowning:

I would go see my doctor, but I have like 8 bottles of Naproxen from the last 3 visits…

Any help appreciated! Thanks!

P.S. Did I mention it was after squats? :tired_face:

It’s a common problem, and almost always due to low bar squatting. There isn’t really a solution in the long term. You could do high bar squats (or duffalo/buffalo bar if you have that) until around 8-12 weeks out from a meet and then switch to low bar. If you are close to a meet and it’s bothering you then taking ibuprofen before training is a good idea - both on squat and bench days, if you don’t do both in the same session.

Hard to say without watching your form.Do you squat with your elbows up and back(Rippetoe style)or elbows down(WesleySmith style)?
Paul Carter has a nice video on Low Bar Squat Issues.

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Have a look at |Kelly Starrets book ‘Becoming a supple Leopard’ especially the ‘shoulder capsule mobilization’ exercises around the middle (page 502-?)

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Thanks! I like that video cause I think pulling the bar down does indeed makes it worse… Thanks guys ill check out that book, too.

If you don’t have access to a safety squat bar or buffalo bar, then I’d recommend giving the manta ray a shot. It’s basically a higher high bar since it sets the bar up higher than what’s possible otherwise because then it’d be on your neck.

You could use this bar attachment most of the time, and then a few weeks out get in some low bar squatting to work the groove.

Just be sure you do more P-chain work then you typically would because this attachment does make you use your quads more than with a regular squat.

Bow (Duffalo) bar, SSB.and Camber bar all are shoulder friendly. To me investing in one if not all three is a small price to pay to preserve your shoulder health.

Those 3 bars are used exclusively in my training until close to a meet where I move to a straight bar.