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Stupid Roundabouts


Some dumb chick just drove into me in a roundabout near my house.
Your meant to give way to the right when your in them, so technically it was my fault. Although I was in the roundabout first and she sped in like a retard, forgot that she had things called breaks and hit me, then kept going and smashed into a wall (I don't know why she smashed into the wall either, all it did was destroy the wall and her car. So now I have to pay for my car (not that damaged, I used my breaks, not a wall, to stop my car) her car, and a wall. While I have insurance my premium is going to go through the roof.
God damn I hate roundabouts/crappy drivers. You Americans are lucky you don't have them.


We have both, and they suck.

I'm not opposed to roundabouts really, they are just made to small here. We have a crazy one around here that is three in a row, with some of the lanes leading to the freeway. Get in the wrong lane and your fucked.


haha that simpsons episode mislead me!
But yeah woah, 3 lanes in a row would be pretty hectic. Here there usually two or one. Its crappy drivers though that really grind my gears.


It's a fairly new thing here. It's not even three lanes, it's three circles (ooo)with two or three lanes each.


I'm not sure I understand your explanation. So you entered the roundabout just before her, then she smashed into the back of your car?

If that's the case then it would be her that has to pay. You have to give way to cars already in the roundabout, even if they are on your left.


We have big enough roads for stop signs and traffic lights. Don't need American's heads exploding over roundabouts, and then killing eachother. Ah well, swings and roundabouts.


I know thats why I'm so annoyed!
The girl said we entered at the same time (which obviously is'nt true as i'm not so stupid as to drive into a roundabout a second before another car does lol).


Yeah, the rule is you have to give way to whoever is on the roundabout first. If she hit towards the back of the car you could show she was on there second.

Also, the road rules aren't determinative of who is liable in traffic accidents. The ordinary principles of negligence apply. So it sounds as if she would be legally at fault, not you.

Road rules mean police can fine you, not that you can be sued for breaking them(although they may be relevant).

Depending on the damage I'd tell the bitch to cough up.


In the Northeast, they are called rotarys. Roundabouts/rotarys have been around as long as I remember. As it turns out, the smaller the rotary, the safer. But that may be a factor related to the speed of the vehicle entering and the volume of traffic it's designed for.


You in Perth Aussie101? I ask because Perth must have some of the most aggressive, lazy and inconsiderate drivers and your incident sounds like a case of the former. That and it seems everyone wants to race through roundabouts here!


A similar thing happened to a friend of mine. The driver collided with him, but later tried to claim that it was her right of way (despite the fact that we were on a crossroads and the traffic lights were out of order - so there was no right of way to speak of at the time).

People are prone to lying about the facts of an accident so they can dodge liability.

If you were on the roundabout first, you have right of way.

You should ask your insurance company to launch a formal investigation and damage assessment, if they aren't already. The damage to your vehicle will prove that the girl is lying.

If you don't challenge what she is saying, then both her insurers and yours will accept her version of events (they will be happy to do this, because it'll mean that you will end up paying for the repairs to your car and not them).


First time I was in one was in Ireland, thought I knew what I was doing, busted right on in and made my way to the inside lane. Drove that SOB for an hour before anyone would let me out. I counted my exit 57 times. Lesson learned!

Other than that great trip.


We've had some roundabouts here in Columbus for a while. They have actually replaced some really busy intersections with roundabouts. I like them especially when traffic is relatively light. The largest problem is that drivers ed here only teaches you to parallel park(and poorly at that) so people don't know that they don't have to stop before entering the roundabout. If people knew how to use they really reduce wait times when traffic is light.