Stupid question

i just applied for a job that requires a drug test ,i’m really not worried about it except i’m taking androsol and was wondering if that could cause trouble. this job is for a lot of money , and i don’t want endanger my chances in any way.

Unless you work for the NFL, then they don’t test for roids. Just coke, pot, etc…

I was in the same boat last week. It’s true that very few businesses test for steroids. But, if you’re really worried about and can get away with, go to GNC and buy one of those four-hour window teas. They cost around $35 and literally guarantee that you will test clean for anything for about one hour after you drink it and a few hours thereafter.

Androsol will not cause failure of the
typical employment drug test (exception,
athletic tests) and even if steroids
were to be tested, you won’t fail if
you just discontinue Androsol a couple of
before use.

I am not at all sure about the idea of
using the blocker… conceivably, that
could itself be grounds for failure (not sure.)