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Stupid Question: PICTURES?


ok i know this is a stupid question but how do i post pictures here? i really cant figure it out. all i see is an attach image box with a field to enter the picture and a browse button. i dont know how to enter the photos into the actual post. can someone give me a step-by-step or gimme a link to a previous thread on this topic? ive searched and also havent come up with squat so this was my last option. thanks for any help. and sorry for the waste of space.


OK I will try and help not sure really what you are having trouble understanding.

First you have to have a pic to enter. These guidelines will help.

We received your post to the Photo forum but no pic came through. This usually means the pic needs resized. Make sure the file is a .jpg, under 125 kb in size and under 350 pixels in width. You can resize using the Paint program pre-installed on most computers.

This could also be caused by previewing your post then using the "back" button, but not re-attaching after the preview.

Then hit the browse button this will enter your computers files etc, You simply go to where you have the picture that fit?s the above specs saved and click on it. It will then attach it and you post way. If you attach a bad pic one to big, wont open etc then one of us ever so friendly mods will try and help. Send you the above spec. sheet via PM etc.

Its really pretty easy. Give it a try and post away,



yes thank you for your help sir. and i was right. it was stupid. thanks a bunch.

[quote] LOL, Nice attitude. You should fit right in NO prob around here.

Mod FKATO[quote]


I forget the actual expression... something like "there are no such things as stupid questions, only blah blah..."
But asking advice is nothing to feel useless about. Maybe a couple of other new onlookers benefited from this thread. Have a good day :smiley: !