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Stupid Question - I'm Starting to Doubt Myself


so some guy that I'm pretty good friends with has me really doubting myself now, he knows his shit, but he's very much a "lean & ripped guy"

BUT anyway, my "doubt" comes from him thinking my triceps are, if anything, smaller than when I started. Now, the thing is, I've NEVER been able to tell when triceps are larger, I just can't seem to do it, I don't know why - I do actually think they are a bit bigger though, which is why he's thrown me by saying they look, "if anything", smaller.

He also says my arm just looks fat now, I somewhat agree, it has lost some leanness as a result of me gaining too much fat, but it still has SOME shape so I'd like to think it isn't ALL bad.

Anyway, I can't believe I'm making a thread about arms (lol). Jesus christ. Arms are the only progress pic I have though, because they are the only things I could get a decent picture of in my tiny bathroom mirror in the beginning.

Couple of stupid questions, anyway:
1. Are my triceps bigger? (need reassurance)
2. Does my arm just look fat?

Left: when I started out
Right: ~3 months later

I almost made another username just to post this. I can't believe I'm making this thread.


Looks good to me man. Your arm is going to lose some definition when bulking up, it's not a big deal, don't listen to those guys that think top form just means being a super lean lightweight.

What is the measurement difference between these two time periods?


Looks like you accomplished adding some beef. As long as you are getting stronger and not weaker you should be fine. Your after picture looks bigger.


If that picture is real progress you should inform your friend that he needs to buy some glasses. Anyway if your lifts are going up, why should it matter whether the muscles appear "smaller" or not?


Yes they look bigger. You are worrying way to much however, if you were competing in a show then yes I would worry about the size/look of them. But overall good progress for ~3 months.


Once you lean back down your tricep will be bigger. It's a matter of perception, because you use to be leaner you could see it more because you were leaner now it looks big but smoother. But from my computer the triceps looks fuller in the second. I'm sure whenever you decide to lean back it will definately be bigger.


I have no idea what my measurement was starting out. The earliest measurement recordings I have are from May 1st, the picture on the right was taken on May 23rd. In that time period there was a 1/2" increase. The picture on the right shows them sitting at a measly 16".


Damn man, you are gettin down on yourself. If you are training right and eating an excess of calories (given the fat increase, i think we can assume this is true) I don't see how you wouldn't put on muscle. How are your lifts? Lets see a tricep pic.


I kind of just did every angle and such I could think of since I have no idea how best to show off my "bump", lol.

I'm assuming you mean lifts for tricep exercises. Uhh.. today I did 120kg (264lbs) for 10 - 12 reps on tri pushdowns, and only 82.5kg (180lbs) for 7 reps on CGP - those were the top sets, so as you can see, not much at all. I did other stuff but I can't remember the weight.

I'd like to know if it's gotten to the stage where I've gone too far with the bulking (you know, gained too much fat too quickly like Artem did, since I don't want to end up like that). I also want to get as huge and strong as I can, so I don't want to limit myself by wasting time cutting either or wasting my best muscle gaining years. I've been in this dilemma since I started (since I was at 16% bf), so it'd be nice to get some opinions.


forgot to upload the pictures


Well your lean and ripped friend sounds like he's a little green from you making gains. So you sacrificed your leanness for size and strength. Good on you. It's funny that you weren't doubting yourself until your "friend" said something about it. Stay away from acidic people man. They'll only bring you down and keep you from you goals. As long as you're making the progress you want, fuck what anyone else has to say about it.

If I were you I would've told this "friend" to go eat some carrots and shut the fuck up.


I don't know, looks like a big difference to me in those pics, especially for 3 months. Granted some of that is fat gain, but the arm on the right to me is way bigger than the left (including triceps). I'm thinking your friend is trying to downplay your gain, did he say these things right after you mentioned that you thought you were making good progress?

Sounds like a bit of either jealousy or you're doing your own thing and he thinks you should be doing his thing instead so he's shittin all over your gains.

And be proud of what you've accomplished, no need to add in words like measly or stuff like that. I'm assuming you're just starting out, rest assured that the people here who can lift more than you can or are bigger have put in more time. You'll get there, but a step at a time and take credit for what you've accomplished, even if it isn't as much as others, it's still noteworthy.


I'd say: stronger lifts + consistent food intake = 100% of getting bigger. No need to worry.

And cutting dilemma? You shouldn't have any. Give your body a chance to grow.


Yep that looks like good progress to me, Tell him to go fuck!