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Stupid question about protein

I’m just curious… when did protein powders first come out? How long ago? Which company was first?

ryno; Not stupid at all!

There is a man named Rheo Blair, considered by many to be the “father of modern supplements” who was a “nutrition guru” of sorts to the 50’s and early 60’s bodybuilders. If I’m correct, he came up with an Egg or Milk powder sometime in the early 60’s (that many claim was some great stuff!) I’ll research it more after work!

Hope this helps!

i read in an old flex mag that the first protein powder was made in the late 40’s (i think) and was called Hi Proteen. Dunno who made it.

T-mag ran a history of supplements article a couple of years ago. Check previous issues, year one I think. Can’t remember who was first (Weider?), but the answer will be in the article.

More info: Blair’s original formulations were directed at Hardgainers. They consisted of a concentrated milk-and-egg-protein supplement mixed in half-and-half, with special vitamins, minerals and other supplements. People who found it difficult to gain suddenly showed dramatic gains in mass. (By the way; Larry Scott, one of Blair’s early students, still recommends half-and-half to the Hardgainers he trains.) Many feel that Blair was WAY ahead of his time. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the quick responses guys. I had no idea it was that long ago. Anybody here been around long enough to try some of the older stuff? How does it compare to whats out today?

This was the late 50’s, by the way…

Mufasa is 100% correct. I remember reading about Blair also and many of the old time BB still think his original protein supp was better than anything around today.

Whoa,if Larry Scott thought it was good,it must’ve been pretty darn good.

Hey,I know casein rocks over whey.But is casein taken all day or just mainly night time?

I use whey hydroslyte (like whats in surge) only pre/during/post WO and use casein or casein/milk protein blend at all other times unless I feel I need to get some protein in the blood quick because I missed some “feedings” in which case I go with whey followed an hour later with casein. When on a mass gaining cycle, I’ll use whey hydroslyte first thing in morn then drink another casein based shake an hour later. Most of my protein powder intake is either casein or milk protein isolate except around training time.