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Stupid Question about <b>Iron Dog</b>

Okay just been looking at Alessi’s Iron Dog article, and I just had a few questions about his interesting proposal…

  1. It lists that you do AM Meltdown I training sessions for 6 sessions a week alternating between the day A and day B workouts. In the PM workouts, it also mentions doing Meltdown I training..which day should I be training for the PM? (ie. double shifts of day A and day B? Or am I training Day A in the AM, Day B in the PM, then Day B AGAIN in the next AM session?? You can see my confusion..
  2. Alessi recommends in the article to have 50 grams of carbs a day, after the training session. Well if you do the double-training (AM and PM) should you be taking 1/2 of 50 grams after each session? Or is it "acceptable" to take the 50g after EACH session?

Thanks to anyone who can offer some help!

On point one, I think he means that you do the AM session (I think it was some skipping) in the morning and the PM session (weightlifting circuits) in the evening. Do A and B 3x each. As for you second point, my guess is that since he wants to keep carb intake low, you would do either 25 grams after each session or what might be better would be to take the 50 grams after the weightlifting session. Hope this helps.

  1. Actaully, I think that it’s 4 days per week (probably Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri). Anyway, do the weightlifting in the morning following an A, B, A, B schedule. In the evenings (assuming you can’t do this six hours later), perform the rope skipping that he recommends (there aren’t any weight workouts in the evening).

  2. Personally, I take 75 grams of carbs in the AM while I am lifting and then 25 in the evening after the rope skipping. All other meals completely fat and protein (with at least one an hour or so after the 25 grams of carbs). I seem to do fine like this but I think his original intent was to not take in any carbs after the PM workout. You may have to play around and see what works for you.

I’m using the “Ripped to Shreds” protocol too… I just got done with day 3’s AM meltdown. I do Meltdown in the morning and then hard sprints in the evening. Make sure to go REALLY hard on those evening sprints… I max out the treadmill 10mph @ 10% grade for one minute. Guaranteed to produce another fun-filled nausea session after six rounds. I’m planning to follow most of his supplement recommendations (MD6 + T2Pro + BCAA + Glutamine + ZMA) when they get here in a few days. I’m using the T-Dawg diet w/ 70-100 grams of carbs, but I keep the protein and fat sources clean (chicken breasts, salmon, tuna, cottage cheese, fish + flax oil). I love this program… it feels like a proactive Fat Fast.

BTW It seems like quite a few people are undergoing this program… interested in starting a support group?