Stupid Problem. Can't Open Amps

Hi guys Im just about to start a test prop only cycle and guess what? I cant open the fcuking amps! ive done four previous cycles never with any problems but my hands are just to sore now to try opening anymore. these amps are INDESTRUCTABLE! ive had someone else try to no avail. anyone have any amp opening tips?

Score the neck with a metal nail file, wrap in some sort of thin cloth and crack against a sharp table edge. Or buy an amp opener.

Ive used a steak knife to score the neck.

Law the amp on the table and slowly score the neck all the way around the amp. From there they seem to snap off without a problem into a paper towel or cloth of some sort.

score the neck of the amp, place a pen cap over the end and snap it open.

you can buy ampule opener, I got mine from ebay only a couple of quid.

Many amps are prescored. They might have a dot on the top. If they do, the score is right below it. You snap the top off by keeping the dot away from you.

I was scoring mine with a nail file until I realized what the dot was for.

Thanks for the replys guys. Managed to get my hands on an amp opener.

A triangular file works too!

this might help