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Stupid Pigs (part II)


I dont have a daughter, but if my mom or brother or girlfriend was dying and I had to get there… I’d break every law I had to to get there. IMO these cops are being pricks, and theres absolutely no use in charging this guy with assult for hitting into them while running to his dying daughter.

Any thoughts?

I can see both sides of this. As a parent, they couldn’t have stopped me from getting there even if that meant running some people down. I’m sure the police need to make an example out of the guy, but in the heat of the moment no one is going to stop and think about the consequences.

hopefully he’ll get a jury trial and presumably get an aquittal

Did he endanger others? He could have been a serious dumbass in the situation. We don’t really know what transpired.

[quote]KBCThird wrote:
hopefully he’ll get a jury trial and presumably get an aquittal[/quote]

There won’t be a trial. The charges will get dropped or plead down. Unless you’ve worked in the emergency service industry you can’t understand.Some people get so out of control when a love one is hurt or dead and you have to subdue them sometimes.

Emotions aside, the only thing that father did by pushing ESW’s was delay his daughter’s treatment. He was her worst enemy out there.

If arresting him was the only way to get that through his head then so be it.

I feel for the dad and hope he gets the charges dropped, dismissed or whatever. Often the courts will listen to these kinds of reasons and be very lenient.

Sometimes there are secondary disasters, though. Distraught, worried or panicked people trying to get to the scene of an accident or to an ER who cause another accident.

The cops did good to stop the man, but they could have handled it better by helping him out. You can’t fault them for doing their job by the book, but also sometimes you have to bend the rules if they don’t make practical sense.

Felony?! Pretty hardcore for a guy about to lose a loved child. Maybe he caused some real harm to a cop.