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Stupid Pigs (Cops)!


Yeah thats right I'm calling these punk ass mother fucking cops, pigs. I hate people like this and I hope they suffer the same fate. Punk asses with badges. And then the medical examiner covers for them? Watch the video, its pretty fucked up.


i couldnt tell what he fuck was goin on. i didnt see any ass whoopin' goin' on. how did they kill him?


What is fucked up about it?
Accidents happen.
We give cops authority to prevent chaos and if you resist and you get hurt thats your problem.


As with any news story, you have to know the full context of the situation before you go off. The news is in the business of making things as shocking as possible, to get viewership. I'm sure there is more to the story than we have heard or seen.

Give it a couple of days to find out more about this situation, then get riled. If the guards really did just fuck-up, then to prison with them. If not - we'll see.


what's fucked up about it?


It was a boot camp. How are they fucking trying to prevent chaos? The threw him down face first with his arms restrained out to the side reall fucking hard. Then they jumped on his back and head. The proceded to man handle (5 cops) the KID (14 year old skinny kid) while he is obvioulsy out. He's limp in their hands and they are holding him arms out and letting him dangle. Then the put him on the ground and stare at him. Then they pick him back up and one cop beats his arm. I guess him failing down to his knees and barely being able to walk obviously calld for him being restraind like this. Like these assfucks cant restrain a 14 year old skinny kid thats in BOOT CAMP?!? There were 8 cops on him at this point. Give me a fucking break.

Did either of you even watch the video?!?!


Resist? The only resisting this kid did was falling to the ground. He was clearly belligerent and could not function. He was clearly struck a few times, then abused him. Theres a difference between trying to help him up, and grabbing his arms and moving his body like a rag doll.

I know these guys are supposed to be hardasses, but they should be anything but dumbasses. This kid should have received medical attention instantly. His body had gone limp for minutes, in which the officers "helped" him up.

I completely agree with PGA in that this is a bunch of pigs on a power trip. This is really fucked up.


Did you not read the story?

The kid was in a sherrif's boot camp, as a TRAINEE; he wasn't a delinquent, he wasn't a criminal... he was there because he wanted to be a damn sherrif!

The guards repeatedly pushed him back up and forced him to keep going, even though he collapsed after every attempt. The next day he's dead. Regardless of whether or not he had sickle cell anemia, there was no reason whatsoever to push him like that... NONE. And all findings that conviniently take all the blame off the guards has been found by a biased source. The boy's family contends that not only was he beaten, he did not have sickle cell anemia.

Coincidently, we just covered this disease in class, and the mortality rate among children is high, so I'm pretty skeptical about him never ever showing signs of it and coincidentally dying right after this. Regardless of what the independent investigation finds, the guards acted like cowards, beating up a 14 year-old RECLUIT.


This is the second time I have seen this video. Intialy I would have to say based off of the coroners report and what I saw on the tape which appeared to be nothing more than a good dressing down by Drill Instructors, I would have to say out of context this tape by itself doesnt mean anything.

I reserve judgement, and think it is a major diservice to Law Enforcement to be plastering this all over the media.


Our law system is supposed to be about justice and cops are supposed to uphold the law.Murdering a 14 year old kid,is that justice?That was excessive abuse of power.I don't have a problem with cops in general,just those who think they're above the law.It's a shame these assholes are put in a position of power.


The medical examiner said it was an undiagnosed sickle cell anemia. why not wait till the facts start rollong in before you start making haste remarks. when i was a kid walking down the street with my buds we would get stopped by L.A.P.D. (the old slogan was "our cops come in only one color...blue") and it didn't matter if it was a white cop, black cop, or mexican. If you so much as sighed the wrong way it was an ass whipping after you were on your knees hands behind your back, I WAS 13 FUCKING YEARS OLD!!! The city im in now, the sherrifs dept. is awesome good cops with respect for the citizens in the city we live in, maybe its just different when your an adult than a kid. but I definitely give them respect for the amount of bullshit they have to deal with day in & day out. First get the facts.


Have you ever tried to pick someone up who's body is limp, arms and legs do dangle and it's awkward. I'm sure they weren't doing stuff just to be badasses because they had to know they were being video taped. You don't really know what was going on because you weren't there.


I just realized the kid was in a boot camp for future cops.Imagine these dicks on patrol,if they do this to someone who wants to join,what do these psychos do on the street.Crack somebodys skull with a billy club for jaywalking.That really pisses me off.


CNN said "boot camps for troubled children as a substitute for prison."


It appears the camp was not a sherrif's department trainee center, but an alternative to juvenile hall for young delinquents. This kid's crime was taking his relative's car out for joyriding. Furthermore, it also appears that "his organs were too badly damaged to be donated."

How's that for justice?



Sounds like the MPD(Memphis)When I was 18,me and my friend(we were suburben white kids)got pulled over and they found a dime bag of weed.Yeah,I broke the law and justice was served by me getting arrested.But what wasn't justice is when the white cop choked me,then bitch slapped me while handcuffed in the back of the police car because I didn't tell him up front we had some weed.The black cop just stood by and watched it happen.When I was in the holding tank,a lot of people locked up were saying the same.The white cop will beat the white suspect,while the black cop administers the beatings on black suspects.

The MPD is so out of control,last year,4 cops got busted in a drug and robbery scheme last year,which included plans to break in Jerry"The King"Lawlers(famous Memphis wrastler immortlized by Andy Kauffman)mansion and break into his safe.They were caught on tape saying they'll shoot to kill if they had to.


That was the family's statement. The medical examiner said:

He said stress from vigorous exercise caused the bleeding and that there were no signs of trauma other than a bruised lip and scratches to his head.


ok he's driving illegally, what if he killed someone, is it still just joyriding? I think if anything alot of the punishment people get is too light.
Also you don't know what happened before the camera started rolling.


The title of this message shows just how narrow minded the author is. And with a mind that small, I could see how you would think this video is a injustice.

However as we all know you can only see so much from one video angle. Also with no sound it is difficult to determine exactly is taking place.

Videos show images, but do not show intentions. Even the most inocent video can be made into a horrible display with the right spin.

I wonder if you are the same person who yells innocent until proven guilty for a baby raper, or police killer. But quickly impose judgement with only a sliver of the evidnece in a police scandal.

Name calling was cool in middle school. GROW UP


I love how four bad cops in Mephis makes all cops bad. How many hundreds or thousands of cops are there in Mephis, you think they will all be great oustanding citizens.

You know there are numerous "doctors of death" however we still seek doctors out when we need help.