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Stupid Personal Trainer Tricks


Earlier this year I started a new job at a gym.

1st thing I saw was one of our female trainers standing on a swiss ball doing squats. She had just learned to do it and was so happy because it was a "true test of fitness" according to her.

She started teaching all her clients to do it and recommended all our other PT's to do them, made them a big focus of one her classes as well.

Last week she fell off one of the balls doing squats and broke her wrist, needing surgery and 3 pins and some rods put in.

She vows not to stop swiss ball squatting.

Anyone else got any stupid PT tricks?


Bosu ball dumbbell curls...
Swiss ball dumbbell press...


Just doing EVERYTHING on a swiss ball.

or some kind of unstable contraption.

Also, never pushing their clients. They are fucking chatting and shit? $40 bucks a session, i dont want a friend i want some muscle.

Plus all but 2 of the 20 trainers at my gym look like they've never picked up a dumbell.


This is hilarious (too bad for the girl though, still funny)! My osteopath recommends I start squatting on a SB to thoroughly activate all the leg stabilizers. I told him that I think they are pretty active in a regular heavy squat, so I can't wait to tell him this one!


Just before you all start paying out on swiss balls dependant on why you train they do have some great benefits. Most of my training is geared towards improving my surfing so constant use of the swiss ball is an important part of my training.

This is not defending some stupid PT trying to get everybody using them, but make sure you know why this person is using said equipment/exercise before you start giving them shit.




Anything that's design to attract attention more than to produce result....swissball and bosu exercices rating at the top...as Charles Poliquin said, Swissball is a perfect example of a good idea taken to far.

a lot of good colleagues i've met get too caught up in trendy shit...you don't improve bench press 1RM by benching with shoulder blades on a ball, you do it by cluster repping above 90% of RM.

Too bad the fall didn't teach some sense into the above mention trainer, but it probably did for every witness, which hopefully will never hire her and keep their joints intact.


I saw a Personal Trainer teaching a guy to do deadlifts with a bent back.
no joke.




Shit like that is just unbelievable. Any retard with the internet can be a trainer nowadays unfortunately


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HIIT on a treadmill before lifting.


Power snatches on a swiss ball... ok I've never seen that, but it'd be fucking awesome.


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I think I'll just stick with the single leg stuff. What I don't understand is why he'd recommend SB squatting when I have no issues whatsoever with my hips or legs, or lower body mobility. I have to say that squatting on a SB kinda seems like yakking on a cell phone while driving: it's do-able, but dangerous.


Giving the girls they train little baby kettlebells all in pretty colors and have them do obnoxiously easy exercises and sometimes just plain stupid ones.

I.e. Okay now I want to to lunge to the side while front raising this 8lb kettlebell with both hands, then when you come back to the middle I want you to throw it up in the air so it does a full flip and catch it, then lunge to the other side.

^No joke, saw a girl doing this.


LOL sounds goooofy!!! Hi you're kind of hot..mff?


Plyometric box jumps after a full leg workout (squats, lunges, leg ext, leg curls). FAIL.



I'm kidding, just was kinda easy


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