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Stupid Nurse


supplementing my hrt myself and thereby increasing my injections i have the need to rotate inj sites frequently. i asked the nurse if they could start rotating into my quads for my weekly inj. and they told me no. they said i "could lose my leg like that" and that according to the directions on the box it must be given in the glute only.

i laughed a little and told her to go ask the doctor. she was reluctent so i just told her whatever and now i will rotate according to their schedule. freakin retarded nurse, i always get into with that one. thats strike two in my book, one more and the whole office is gonna be in for a show.

rant complete....for now


Did you ask her why you could lose your leg? You should ask her if she will rotate to the ventroglute. If she doesn't know what that is, then put on the show.


If it's on the box, sounds like it's been the only place studied. A medical professional could be in a world of hurt suggesting you do it another way. Do you have enough credentials to evaluate peer-reviewed studies? Maybe you do, no offense, but maybe you just think you are the exception to the rule.


I would understand if they did not want to advise me to inject anywhere else, thats fine and i would not have complained. the nurse says that the NUSING STAFF CANNOT do the injection anywhere but the glute, AND i have had one nurse at the same exact location do it before. that is what is driving me crazy.

a damn nurse cant give me an im shot to the quad? bullshit like this makes the little faith i have in the medical community become all the more transparent.


She is likely not knowledgable about the different injections sites, since now days IM injections aren't as common in the hospital/ clinical settings as they were 20 years ago.

If it was me I would give it to you wherever you wanted, as long as it was a conventional site - ie. dorsal gluteal, ventral gluteal, deltoids, vastas lateralus.