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Stupid (Non-Existant) PCT


Hey guys,

I'm a regular reader of the T-Nation.com articles, but I've never been much involved in the forums. Obviously, it's a little selfish starting off asking for help, but hopefully I'll be able to contribute something also.

Stats wise, I'm 24 at 180cm, 86 kg (190 lb), and below 10% BF. I could be a lot heavier, but I'm a also a distance runner. This was my main motivation behind the steroids, in that I struggle holding onto muscle mass despite eating a ludicrous volume of good food.

At the end of last year I went on 8 weeks of test e with 400mg (2 x 200mg injections) a week. It's now been a little over 8 months since my last injection and my testosterone is still really low (last two blood tests showed 6.3, then 5.8.) It started pre-cycle at a healthy 14. This was my first/only cycle.

Believe me when I state implicitly that I'm well aware how stupid it was not to do a PCT. Most valuable lesson of my life: Make sure you have everything you need for a cycle before you start it. Pretty obvious now, but, man... I asked my doctor who gave me the blood tests for advice, and he's really not steroid-savvy, and hasn't been able to give much insight. I've read countless articles and get the impression that natural testosterone production can take up to 12 months to start, but then I'm "reasonably" young at 24 and would have expected something to happen by now.

Can anyone offer any insight? I don't know if anyone's ever been in a similar situation (God, I hope not!) I'm thinking I might need to try and get some HCG happening? Is it too late for an anti-estrogen like Clomid?

Thanks heaps, guys.

Appreciate it.


Yes - time will sort it.

You HAVE been unlucky in the length of time it has taken to recover, especially for a first cycle.

At this point i would be hesitant to use HCG for fear of taking a step backwards.

I would have Estradiol, TT, FT, LH, FSH tested, and go from there..



DO THIS...if you don't want to talk to your doctor...go to LEF.org and order a full men's health panel, they will email the results right to you.


Hi guys,

Thanks heaps for your interest/replies!

The study from pubmed definitely looks like it has merit. I have found similar studies e.g. a 30 year old competitive runner with hyppogonadism with 100mg/day of CC for 2 months.

My G.P. has just referred me to an endocrinologist. The last blood test I had was

Follicle Stimulating Hormone 2 IU/L (1-12)
Luteinizing Hormone 1 IU/L (1-12)
Testosterone 5.8 nmol/L (6.0 - 30.0)

My testosterone pre-cycle was 13.4 (8 months ago.)

I've since got another pathology request to get my free testosterone and oestrodial done.

Thanks heaps for your help!!



Definitely inhibited - but as mentioned you need to see why.

Prepare to be terribly disappointed with the endo.

They are NOT trained in drug induced hypogonadism and many seem utterly baffled as to how a man who is not overweight could possibly have high E.. then they prescrive doses of HCG that do more damage than good and for some reason do not understand the roles many of the sex hormones have in men.

Of course this isn't all of them - but i am yet to meet one that is NOT in this group.