Stupid Math Question

Hi guys, I just started with TRT injections this week. I’m on 120mg weekly divided into 2 shots. I was on Androgel before and trying to compare the dosage of T I was using vs. this new protocol.

The Androgel is 1% 2.5 grams daily. How does that compare with taking 120mg per week? When I try to convert in google, it says 1gram = 1000mg. I have to think this new injection protocol is delivering more T than the gel. What am I doing wrong here?

Absorption rate is not the same between the two, where 100mg androgel =/= 100mg Test C/P/E. Moreover, Androgel 1% means that 1% of the cream is Androgel, so technically only 25mg, but that still doesn’t equate to the same TT as when on TRT or other method.

Different methods of delivery produce different results.


You can’t, so don’t even try. Topicals absorption rates are at best 13%, injections is 100% absorbed.

The topicals and oral T have higher dosing because levels drop more quickly, which is why the doses have to be higher.

In one day I dose 237 mg twice daily, so total daily is 474 mg on Jatenzo.


I am definitely no expert on testosterone gel, but I would think it would be like comparing apples to oranges.

It is obvious that all the testosterone you inject will be absorbed. And it seems just as obvious that not all the testosterone in the gel will be absorbed. This unknown would make this administration unacceptable to me.

Do you have any blood tests to help determine the effectiveness of the gel?

Others here have some experience with gels. I don’t.
@tareload is doing a lot of TRT research. He is who I would ask


For most of the time I was on the gel, my T levels were in the high 300s. Sounds like you can’t reconcile the 2 and that’s fine - it was just confusing. Waiting for the new injection protocol to kick in. Thanks all.

It is. You’ll be much happier on injections. Perhaps with rare exception, but nobody goes from injections to gels. Always the other way around.



Let me know if you’d like more info.




Really can’t. Very different cos of absorption, etc. best to find your dose based just on your new injections. Start mid-range and work up/down