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Stupid Losers at Starbucks

Do you really need to pay 5 bucks for a coffee?

Do you really need to use your laptop/do your homework there?

Starbucks is one of the biggest scams in history. I buy my coffee at a donut shop for a dollar and Its much bigger! If you consistently go to starbucks, you're an idiot!!


<---- Idiot

I mean, I don't go every day, but I usually hit it at least once a week

My brother works at one and gives some good ideas on drinks, and he'll make me one with a load of protein and shit and hook it up with the discount!


Just a question. Would you pay $5 if they only hired and dressed like Hooters girls? Man that would be a marketing ploy.


I spent most of law school and bar-review time in a coffee shop. Not Starbucks, but a similar place. It let me get out of the house, away from friends, and into a place with fewer distractions so I could concentrate. So yeah, I really did need to bring my laptop there.


Anyone ever have one of their 'Red Eye' drinks? It's an iced coffee with a shot of espresso. It's like being on meth, without the whole 'teeth falling out' thing.


Fixed...oh sorry, wrong thread.


Not to be an asshole, but that was a pretty lame attempt. But keep it up, you'll get a good one :slightly_smiling:


Join the proper thread!


I'm sorry War but this thread is mindless garble.

Don't like starbucks don't go! There are much bigger scams then overpriced coffee and much bigger fish to go after in this world. lol


It wasn't bad. You didn't give me much to work with.


I make my own coffee, it's cheaper and bigger! If you pay a buck for coffee you're an idiot!


If all you're buying is a regular coffee and not one of their specialty drinks they're priced competitively. I go all the time for iced coffee, it's delicious.


That's because it's the wrong thread!


Yes, but do you grow your own coffee, or just brew it?


haha, touche.


lol u poor bro?


I'm rich by New Zealand standards.


Did you really need to start this thread?


So you have eight sheep??? Wow.