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Stupid Juries and No-Ethics Plaintiff's Lawyers

I had to post a link to this story – a mentally challenged jury in CA has awarded a verdict of $290 million against Ford, because some idiot rolled his 1979 Bronco.

www.nationalreview.com/ comment/comment-peters121202.asp

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Unbelievable, BB…

…and I don’t see ANY end in site with this kind of thing until there is DRASTIC reform…


Thanks for that wonderfully absurd post. It amply demonstrates how whacked the jury sytem has become. The prosecutor in me would like to see the plaintiff (Romo) jailed for reckless driving, vehicular homicide, etc. Instead he gets rewarded by the jury! I’ll be thinking about this when I work out today–it should be good for an extra 50# on the leg press. Arghhhhhhh!

You think that is bad? Get this: A couple years ago, a young kid (early teens) in West Palm Beach, FL took a gun that he had taken (stolen) from his grandfather to school and shot his teacher. The teacher died. The kid was convicted and will spend the better part of his life in jail. End of story? NO. The teacher’s wife sues the GUN MANUFACTURER and WINS. So, next time you are in a car accident, forget about the poor asshole who hit you and just sue Ford/GM/etc. Our legal system is simply an abortion.

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