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Stupid Injury

Yesterday I was doing warm-up for squat and with 275lb I feel a real pain in what It seem to be the erector spinae. It took me around 30min to relax the muscle and be able to squat my session.

My squat feel wonder and have made my better “explosion” with a weigth I used to have difficulty with It. I worked all the night 5-9p.m and go to bed.

This morning I was in sharp pain that makes me walk like I was 100 years old.

I applied ice, any other advice or experience of pain in this region taht may help me?
Keep fighting

So you warmed up with 275 and felt a sharp pain in your back. Then you waited 30 minutes and proceeded to lift even more. Then you went to work without treating your injury. Then you woke up to find that you have a blown back.

Well I’ll let the experts handle this–I don’t know what feeling like a 100 year old man feels like, so I can’t really diagnose that injury. But, suffice to say, if you feel a sharp pain squating, you ought to not squat anymore that night. Also, someone correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you more likely to get a sharp pain in your back squating using bad form? So I don’t know, maybe lay off the 275 pound warm ups and ease up a little.

That was my third warm-up and this represent 65% of my 1RM so It was a light weight. To pain I was meening tension, you know for example you squat experience sharp/stiff hips-TFL you stretch and the tension simply go away.

After some stretch in this region, my squating pattern was came back and everything was going fine.

By the way I’ve put ice 4 time this day and It’s getting better.